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Map of area where prescribed burn in Foothills
Posted April 4, 2019
Information session for area residents April 8 @ 7 p.m. at Grace Bible Church Vernon Fire Rescue Services in conjunction with BX Swan Lake Fire Rescue Services, the BC Wildfire Service and professional consultants will be conducting a prescribed burn in the Foothills area with the goal of reducing...
Safety and Health week
Posted April 4, 2019
The City of Vernon is inviting health and wellness businesses to participate as exhibitors or sponsors for the City’s Employee Health & Wellness Fair taking place on May 7, 2019 at the Vernon Recreation Centre. The City of Vernon Employee Health & Wellness Fair will be host to local guests...
Compost Bin
Posted April 4, 2019
The City is piloting a program to reduce waste going to the landfill. Two organics collection bins have been set up to trial diverting waste from the landfill. Organics diversion through composting can reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by over 90% compared to sending the same waste to the...
Road update: water main break on Herry Road.
Posted March 29, 2019
Okanagan Landing Bench Road will reopen today at approximately 4:30 p.m. The road had been closed due to a small landslide and ongoing water saturation of the area. A geotechnical engineer was on site today and has advised that the roadway is once again safe to travel. Staff will continue to...
Dog running through a field with no leash
Posted March 27, 2019
The City has added signs at Marshall Fields Park to make it easier to identify the temporary off-leash dog area near the soccer pitches. The five signs identify the boundary between the soccer fields and the temporary off-leash area. From the Lakers Clubhouse parking area to the fenced baseball...
image of a bee on a flower
Posted March 26, 2019
On March 25, 2019, the City of Vernon held a public hearing to consider changes to its regulations to allow for urban beekeeping in backyards. The proposed bylaw updates would allow for small scale hobby beekeeping of up to two or four beehives on most properties, depending on the size of the...
image of hand holding the word grants
Posted March 26, 2019
The City of Vernon supports the enhancement and preservation of a positive quality of life for all its residents. One means of achieving this goal is through the provision of grants to organizations that contribute to the general interest and advantage of the City. The awarding of grants is solely...
Posted March 26, 2019
The City of Vernon received a summary report of the February 6, 2019 session for the businesses and service providers within the Business Improvement Area (BIA) facilitated by Urban Matters. The report summarizes the meeting outcomes and makes recommendations to Council from the input received at...
Road update: water main break on Herry Road.
Posted March 22, 2019
Okanagan Bench Road is again closed based on a report provided by a geotechnical engineer. The instability of the bank and the ongoing water saturation has the potential to impact the roadway and traffic with deposits of mud and debris. City crews will continue to monitor the situation and will...
Road update: water main break on Herry Road.
Posted March 21, 2019
A small landslide that forced the temporary closure of Okanagan Bench Road last night has been cleared by City crews. The road is now open for traffic.