Procurement Services


To conduct our business using strong ethical business practices,  to pursue a high standard of equity, honesty and open communication and to ensure all vendors and contractors have fair and equal access to business with the City of Vernon.

To provide centralized procurement services for the acquisition of goods and services, asset investment recovery and manage the operation of central stores, in a professional, responsible and cost-effective manner.

To responsibly manage central stores consisting of approximately 3,660 square metres (12,000 square feet) of warehouse and outside storage comprising over 2,500 SKUs (stock keeping units) providing support to both operations maintenance and capital projects requirements.

Goals and Objectives

  • To maintain strong ethical business standards and be in full compliance with policy, applicable laws and regulations.
  • To maximize the long-term value of the City's money recognizing that this encompasses several total-cost-of-ownership factors including: cost of acquisition and operation, quality, service, delivery, training and performance.
  • To procure goods and services as efficiently as possible.
  • To provide continuous training and education to our internal customers.
  • To provide value-added services and be a valued in-house resource to our internal customers.
  • To identify and qualify vendors and contractors using high standards of equity, honesty and open communication.