Road Safety

Our goals are to keep our streets safe for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers – while encouraging sustainable travel options.

We do this through:

  • Enforcement of federal, provincial, and municipal driving regulations
  • Traffic management programs, tools, and incentives
  • Coordination of temporary traffic control during construction / repair works
New B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit

At the recent Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals Conference held in Victoria, BC, the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General announced the updates and new additions to the B.C. Community Road Safety Toolkit. The Toolkit includes an Introduction and three modules (further modules to be added as they become available):

The goal of the Toolkit was to provide an easily accessible and electronically searchable knowledge source about road safety designs and strategies that local governments can implement to improve road safety outcomes. The Toolkit's primary focus is on improvements to roadway designs, traffic engineering practices, and physical changes to the roadway environment that protect road users. Developed by the Safe Roads and Communities Working Committee as part of the BC Road Safety Strategy, the Toolkit aims to help BC achieve the vision that BC will have the safest roads in North America and the ultimate goal of zero traffic fatalities and zero serious injuries.

Traffic Calming

As the City of Vernon continues to grow, residents continue to indicate their concerns regarding increasing neighbourhood traffic.

In particular, residents in some areas of the City have become concerned about the impacts of a growing amount of speeding and short-cutting traffic in their neighbourhoods on the quality of life within the community.

In an effort to discourage undesirable traffic patterns and/or unsafe travel behaviour, many municipalities have responded to similar growing concerns by implementing traffic management strategies, some of which have included the provision of various traffic calming measures. To request traffic calming in your neighbourhood, please review the procedures outlined in the City's Neighbourhood Traffic Management Policy.