Vernon residents consistently express a desire to ride bicycles more often. Residents have shown a growing interest in the benefits cycling can provide to their lifestyles. These benefits can be wide-ranging:

  • Cycling generates no greenhouse gas emissions, improving individual and community footprints.
  • Cycling is a cost effective way for commuting to and from work and can significantly lower your gas budget.
  • With the constant improvement of bike path and road infrastructure, cycling is becoming a more efficient use of public road space.
  • Cycling provides a low impact form of exercise and can increase heart rate and muscle production with minimal strain on joints.
  • Including cycling into your lifestyle mitigates stress and adds fun.

However, many residents say they would cycle more if they felt safer, and frequently inquire about safety practices. For these reasons, The City of Vernon is committed to making cycling easier for residents and visitors by providing an extensive network of cycling routes around the city, and promoting safe and healthy travel. The City of Vernon makes cycling a high priority in its transportation plans and provides community bike initiatives and safety programs.

Bike to School & Work Week, May 30 - June 5

Bike to School and Work was a huge success! Although the BTW-BC website shows only Bike to Work stats, Bike to School was captured separately to allow bulk for entries across the province.  Overall, there were 995 riders registered in the North Okanagan which is an increase of 317 registered cyclists (up 47% from 2015), who logged 2,273 trips and cycled 21,213 KM’s saving 4,601 Kg of GHG’s. Provincially, 52 communities participated, with 36,998 riders, 7,798 new riders that together cycled 1,255,180 KM’s and saved 324,906 Kg of GHG’s. Click here to view photos and more information on Bike to Work and Bike to School Week.