Road Maintenance

The Operations department is responsible for road and drainage maintenance throughout the City of Vernon. Information on specific maintenance activities can be found on the subpages in this section.

Snow & Ice on Roads

snow & iceCity snow and ice control is provided by city employees and equipment supplemented with rented private sector equipment and operators in all areas of the City of Vernon including Okanagan Landing and Blue Jay Subdivision...more info

Potholes, Paving & Patches

Potholes, Paving & PatchesThe City of Vernon’s Public Works Division is responsible for road repairs including asphalt paving or patching...more info

Street Sweeping & Flushing

Street sweepingThe City of Vernon cleans roads during the spring, summer and fall. City street sweeping and flushing is provided by city employees and equipment, and is supplemented with rented private sector equipment and operators...more info

Traffic Signals & Signage

Traffic signalThe City of Vernon’s Public Works Division is responsible for traffic signals, traffic signs and lane marking for all roads in the City of Vernon except for 32nd Street and Highway 6 which are maintained by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure...more info

Street Lighting

All street lights mounted on metal poles are owned and maintained by the City of Vernon. Lights on wooden hydro poles are owned and maintained by BC Hydro...more info


Similar to sidewalks, the City of Vernon Bylaw No. 4980 requires property owners and residents to maintain the boulevards and lanes adjacent to their property...more info

Shouldering & Ditching

The City of Vernon completes shoulder grading annually as required on rural roads that do not have curb and gutter. Shoulder grading is required to ensure proper road drainage and reduce roadway damage and flooding of adjacent property owners. Shoulder grading is completed by City forces in the fall of each year and takes a crew approximately five working days to complete...more info

Sidewalks & Trails

The City is responsible for the maintenance of all sidewalks and pedestrian walkways in the City of Vernon. Each spring the Operations Department conducts an inspection of all sidewalks and pedestrian walkways to identify deficiencies. These deficiencies are prioritized and the highest priority deficiencies are repaired with funds provided in the annual budget by Council...more info

Line Painting

Weather permitting, line painting usually occurs in May. The road marking paint used is federally regulated under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.  The change in the act a few years ago limited the use of Volatile Organic Compounds in road paint products.  Due to this, there was an industry wide shift away from oil based paints to latex based paints which unfortunately do have a reduced durability timeline than the previously used oil based ones. 

The City of Vernon is adjusting to the new regulations requiring the use of environmentally safer street marking product.  City staff continues to explore new products and more efficient procedures to increase the longevity of road marking and to maintain the street marking program at a sustainable cost.