Utilities Billing & Payments


The City of Vernon prepares quarterly utility invoices for water, sewer, garbage, and recycling customers. Approximately 14,000 invoices are sent to customers as follows:

Billing PeriodMonth To Expect BillMonth Of Due Date
(30+ Days After Issuance)
Jan 1 - Mar 31AprilMay
Apr 1 - Jun 30JulyAugust
Jul 1 - Sep 30OctoberNovember
Oct 1 - Dec 31JanuaryFebruary


Utility payments can be made online and through your financial institution or bank.

Financial Institution Payments

When paying your utilities through your financial institution, please follow these instructions:

  1. Use your Utility Number as your account number
    • Example 112233
  2. Search for payee “VERNON”
  3. Select “Utilities” or “Sewer & Water”
  4. The city encourages you to make a small payment of $10.00 to ensure your online setup is accurate. You can confirm your payment was received through “My City”.

If you experience difficulties with setup, please contact your financial institution for assistance.

Utilities Billing & Payments Questions & Answers