Economic Development

The community of Vernon is poised for growth and development. The City of Vernon's Official Community Plan defines the vision for the community including a commitment to economic development. Continued growth and diversification of Vernon's economy is important to meet the goals of the Official Community Plan, as more employment opportunities not only attract new residents, but also allow more residents, particularly youth and young families, to stay in Vernon and make it their home.

Economic Development Goals

  • Strengthening partnerships with Vernon's business community
  • Fostering the growth of a diversified local economy valuing creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Retaining and expanding local businesses and promoting the creation of new jobs
  • Encouraging growth in the commercial and industrial tax base
  • Encouraging public and private capital investment in the City Centre and Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre
  • Marketing Vernon as an attractive destination for business development
  • Ensuring City plans and policies support the growth of Vernon's economy
  • Attracting and retaining youth and young families to live and work in Vernon
  • Attracting and retaining entrepreneurial and skilled immigrants to invest, work and live in Vernon
  • Investing in amenities and facilities supporting efforts to attract young families
  • Supporting a diversity of housing types to attract young families