Capital Works Projects

Building a better Vernon, together!

Council Continues to Invest in Vernon’s Infrastructure

Showing Council’s commitment to renewing the roads, pipes and City owned infrastructure, Council supported the $21.5 million budget for the City Infrastructure Program. The impacts of the 1.9% infrastructure levy, directed entirely and immediately to infrastructure, are now becoming visible throughout the City with $21.5 million being spent on rehabilitation and improvements in 2023.

Check out this interactive StoryMap to learn about some of the key projects taking place in 2023!

Start DateEnd Date

2023 Okanagan Landing Sewer

The City of Vernon is working to extend its sanitary sewer collection system to un-serviced areas…
Jan 2, 2023Dec 29, 2023View

28th Avenue Rail Crossing Upgrade

The project includes the rehabilitation of rail pads, approximately 80 metres of road, and storm…
Apr 1, 2022Dec 1, 2023View

30th Avenue BX Creek Culvert Rehabilitation

The Project consists of rehabilitating approximately 18m of a 1.8m diameter deteriorating storm…
Aug 1, 2023Aug 22, 2023View

32nd Avenue and 38th Street Reconstruction

The project includes reconstruction of approximately 440metres of road, storm sewer, sanitary sewer…
Apr 3, 2023Dec 1, 2024View

32nd Avenue Reconstruction - Pleasant Valley Road to 20th Street

The project scope includes, sanitary and storm main replacement on 32nd Avenue from Pleasant Valley…
Mar 1, 2023Nov 30, 2023View

Becker Bike Park Phase 2

The project scope includes the design and construction of a modern mountain bike skills park. The…
Sep 4, 2023Dec 2, 2024View

Civic Memorial Park - Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2 and 3 of the Civic Memorial Park . The scope of this project will include renovations to…
Mar 1, 2023Nov 30, 2023View

Copper Mountain Court - drainage improvement

The City is undertaking improvements to the drainage system in the foothills neighbourhood,…
Apr 17, 2023Jul 21, 2023View

Deer Park Renewal

This project consists of renewal and improvements at Deer Park (Canadian Lakeview Estates).  This…
Aug 28, 2023Oct 30, 2023View

Kin Race Track Athletic Park

The transportation study, preliminary geotechnical study, archeology work and stormwater management…

Lake Access Projects

Introduction: The City is working to formalize lake accesses to Okanagan Lake. Different locations…
Mar 13, 2023Jul 1, 2023View

North Basin Drainage Improvements

The North Basin Drainage Improvement project is based off emerging drainage issues as well as the…
Nov 28, 2022Jul 28, 2023View

Pathway and park trail connections (3 sites)

SITE 1 - The VALLEYVIEW PLACE TO COMMONAGE TRAIL project is new construction of an approximately…
Apr 1, 2024Oct 31, 2024View

Polson Park Vernon Creek Naturalization Project - Phase 1

Introduction: The City is planning to naturalize Vernon Creek through Polson Park over 2 phases and…
Jul 3, 2024Oct 31, 2024View

Pottery Ravine Park Renewal

This project consists of improving the existing playground structure and developing the existing…
Jun 30, 2023Oct 27, 2023View

Silver Star Road Median Lighting and Concrete Infill

UPDATE August 4, 2023: Materials delivery for the project have been delayed until the end of August…
Apr 3, 2023Sep 29, 2023View

Silver Star Road Multi-Use Path Phase 2

UPDATE: August 4, 2023 On August 16, the contractor is tentatively planning to start the…
Mar 31, 2023Oct 13, 2023View