Technical Info

Seating Capacity

Fixed theatre style seating for 3,006 people located along the sides and the south corners of the arena and approximately standing room for 500.

Disabled seating for 64 persons is located around the concourse. Portable chairs are upholstered and interlocking for use on the arena floor (total depends on event set-up).

Concert Capacities

  • End Stage Concerts (360′): 5,650
  • End-Stage Concerts (270′): 4,500
  • End-Stage Concerts (180′): 1000-2000
  • Ice Events: 3656

Retractable seating on the south-west side of the building enables the opening of the ice surface to International size ice (100’x200′) and also provides the facility an open floor space of 20,500 sq ft. for Trade Shows and Conventions.

Ice Surface

In a hockey configuration, the arena floor is 100′ x 200′ with full ice making capabilities. An Olympic-size ice sheet can be made.

  • Floor area: 19,500 square feet
  • Floor load: 250 pounds per square foot

A portable floor 112′ x 60′ is available as well as a Homasote 100′ x 200′ portable ice deck.

Standard Ice Surface (85’x200′)


Olympic/International Ice Surface (100’x200′)


Dressing Rooms

The building has 7 dressing rooms (dimensions approximately 22′ x 48′) with 1 designated for the disabled, all have shower and toilet fixtures.


Kal Tire Place has parking lots in two locations, both situated within eye’s view of entrances to the building. The lots hold a total of 680 vehicles. Designated disabled parking is available in the upper parking lot.

Event Tractor Trailer & Bus Parking with show power is also available.

Sound System

Kal Tire Place features a state of the art sound system designed and installed by PJS Systems Inc. No facility of comparable size in the Pacific Northwest has the audio quality and performance Kal Tire Place can offer.

Kal Tire Place

The heart of the sound is found in the audio closet located in the Media Booth. Powered by a rack of ten Crest Power Amplifiers, users can be assured that they will have the flexibility to ensure their needs are met. The amplifiers drive eleven Community R2 Loudspeakers covering the seating area, two Community R1 Loudspeakers and Community R2 Loudspeakers covering the ice/floor surface, and the entrance/foyer speakers encircling the rink. The R2 speakers provide unparalleled vocal and music clarity. As a consequence of the delay sequencing and system control, audio coverage is even, clear and undistorted to levels in excess of 100db, with minimal overlap and echoing. Regardless of the users needs for in house sound, they can be assured it will be one less thing to worry about.

A Peavey X-Frame, the systems digital processor, one function of which provides the delay sequencing allowing the maximization of the system, controls the sound system. The user can input cassette or compact disc through existing Denon cassette and compact disc players or bring their own sources which can be patched in through the Allen & Heath XONE 464 mixing board also located in the Media booth. Additionally, the facility features 360 Systems’ Instant Replay System, which places instant access to an entire audio library of your own creation, whether it be music, sound effects, or spoken word, at your disposal. This feature also has audio editing tools, so it’s easy to isolate sound effects, or make continuous loops.



The catering room is 22″ X 54″ and electrical services are available. Rental fee includes tables & chairs.

Production Office

A Production Office (dimensions 22′ x 42′) is available on the lower floor of the facility. The production office is equipped with three permanent telephone lines. The upstairs press area measures 48′ x 16 ‘ and can also be used as a Production Office.

Locks and Keys

Locker/dressing rooms may be secured with locks and keys. Keys for each room may be checked out through the Operation’s Office. All persons who sign out keys will be responsible for return of the keys at the conclusion of the event.


A permit is required for any pyrotechnics used in the building or anywhere on the premises. There will be a designated lockable room used for storing pyro. Building will supply fire extinguishers at the show’s expense.


Show load-in is located at the North End of the arena, approximately 50′ from the arena floor. There are two 14′ x 16′ roll-up doors. There is adequate parking for 5 buses or trucks outside the load-in area. (Arrangements may be made to park additional vehicles & Show Power).


The arena owns one 6,000 lb. forklift that is available for rent. Powered by propane, it has a lift height of 15′ and is equipped with side shift. Fork length is 4′ (6′ with extensions).

Emergency Systems

Fire sprinklers, smoke sensors and fire extinguishers are located throughout the arena and office areas. An emergency generator will provide backup sound and light power in case of a power failure.

Events Power

There is a Total Capacity of 300KVA (833) at 120/208V for the Event Power, they are distributed through three 400A, 120/208V, 3 phase, 4 wire events power distribution centres, located at the north end of the arena. Each distribution centre consist of a disconnect switch and a splitter box as well as five point 400A camlock connector system (3 hots, 1 neutral, 1 ground).


On each Catwalk there are 5 120V, 20A receptacles (each on its own circuit) spaced out evenly, and there is a 4-pin 5-wire 60A unfused pin and sleeve receptacle located near the centerline.


There is a low voltage lighting system, which controls the lighting through the facility. There are three L.V. Master Stations controlling all luminaries and they are located in the operation office (138), Administration office (206) and the media box (302) Only the upper concourse lights are dimmer operated. The dimmer system can be set in the operation office and there are 2 – 4 button scene selectors located in the administration office and the media box.

A TV Satellite truck connection (4P-5W-60A unfused weather proof pin and sleeve receptacle) located at the southeast exterior wall of the facility.


This facility has been designed to accommodate significant loading from rigging assemblies. The rigging grid is located approximately at an elevation of 45 feet above the arena event level.

Main Roof Trusses

All members used in the rigging grid are structural steel wide flange (I-beams).

Load capacities for these elements are shown on the following diagrams. We also have a AutoCad Version of our Grid showing suggested Stage Placements and Rigging points with Load Specifications.