Official Community Plan

Vernon’s Official Community Plan (OCP) defines the vision of the community–how the community sees itself growing and developing in the future and ultimately what kind of place Vernon will be. This community driven vision is balanced with Vernon's expected population growth, opportunities for development and the availability of resources for infrastructure projects.  

For more information and details:  Official Community Plan Bylaw.

The City of Vernon has an Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment Policy that guides the City in its consideration of OCP amendment application. This policy states that amendment applications are considered annually after the deadline of March 1st (contact the City for a list of exemptions). It also states that a public open house will be hosted by the City of Vernon, in addition to the legislated official Public Hearing process, to provide community residents with an additional opportunity to consider the amendment applications.

The current OCP Amendment Open House is being held virtually on, click this link to go there: OCP Amendment Open House


Integrated Transportation Framework

Integrated Transportation Framework