The City of Vernon takes care of providing residents and businesses with water, sewer, garbage collection, yard recycling and commercial recycling. Some of these services are provided solely by the City, and others are provided by the Regional District of North Okanagan with the City of Vernon’s involvement.

Where utilized, electricity is provided by BC Hydro in the City of Vernon, while natural gas is provided by FortisBC.

The provision of utilities by the City and corresponding rates for these utilities are governed by bylaws approved by council.

Residential (Single & Multi-Family) Rates

Sewer base fee of $50.20 per quarter, per residence, includes 20 cubic meters.

Metered services

  • Metered sewer at $2.45 per cubic meter, over 20 cubic meters:
  • Based on January, February, March water usage, and
  • Fee is re-calculated the first quarter each year and remains the same through the fourth quarter billing.

Unmetered Sewer

  • Lower flat rate sewer of  $72.23 per quarter as per schedule; in addition to the Sewer Base Fee. For customers that do not have a meter or did not have a January, February, March meter read.
  • High flat rate sewer of $144.46 per quarter as per schedule.
  • $36.88 per quarter
  • Weekly pickup,  two (2) receptacles or parcels
Yard Recycling
  • $4.30 per quarter
Commercial Rates
  • Sewer base charge $52.07 per quarter for metered services
  • 80% of the consumption at $2.54 per cubic meter without a separate irrigation meter, or
  • 100% of the consumption at $2.54 per cubic meter with a separate irrigation meter
  • Non-metered where metering is possible
    • Low sewer flat rate of $128.10 per quarter as per schedule
    • High sewer flat rate of $256.20 per quarter as per schedule
  • $112.31 per quarter
  • Weekly pick up, 8 bags
  • $41.56 per quarter
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday pick up, Unlimited pick up
Utility Forms

Once completed, the form can be submitted via email to COVutil@vernon.ca, or by mail or fax to City Hall using the information found on the top left of each form.