Sidewalks & Trails

The City is responsible for the maintenance of all sidewalks and pedestrian walkways in the City of Vernon. Each spring the Operations Department conducts an inspection of all sidewalks and pedestrian walkways to identify deficiencies. These deficiencies are prioritized and the highest priority deficiencies are repaired with funds provided in the annual budget by Council.

The City uses a variety of strategies to repair the sidewalks including grinding, patching, mud jacking, and removing and replacing sections of sidewalk. The City crews prep the sidewalk, and the concrete forming and finishing is normally completed by a local cement finishing contractor.

Snow & Ice on Sidewalks & Trails

The City of Vernon Operations Department and Parks Department remove snow from all paved linear trails, sidewalks adjacent to civic buildings, and sidewalks fronting major arterial routes including 27th Street, Highway 6, and Highway 97.

The owner or occupier of property is required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks or footpaths bordering his/her property within 24 hours following the end of a snowfall according to the Good Neighbour Bylaw # 4980. If the property owner fails to clear the sidewalk, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer has the authority to remove the snow at the property owner’s expense.

Those who are physically unable to clear snow and ice from their sidewalks should look for assistance from a neighbour or a relative. Alternatively, a maintenance service or young person in the neighbourhood could be hired for your snow removal needs.

If you wish to report a sidewalk area not cleared, please call the Bylaw Enforcement at 250-550-3505.

Yellow Grit Boxes: Spread it around for safe winter sidewalks

The City of Vernon has placed 10 yellow grit boxes in key locations for a two-year pilot program aimed at improving pedestrian safety in the winter months. Each box holds the same winter grit used by the City for snow removal, but this program is a “do-it-yourself” option, in addition to our regular snow removal.

Pedestrians are encouraged to spread the grit on slippery spots on the sidewalk to make walking safer for everyone. The locations for the boxes were selected based on proximity to steep hills or areas that are used frequently by pedestrians, seniors and people using mobility devices. After the completion of the pilot program, usage and feedback from residents will be reviewed. If the program is successful and approved by City Council, more locations could have access to yellow grit boxes in the future.

How to use the yellow grit box:
  1. Take notice of slippery and icy sidewalks.
  2. Open the lid and scoop up some grit.
  3. Spread the grit over the hazard.
  4. Return the scoop back in the box and close the lid firmly.
Grit Box Locations: