Protective Services & Community Safety

Protective Services - Community Safety

Community Safety performs more than just the traditional Community Policing role.  This group unites the local government, the community and the police in their efforts to make Vernon a safer community to live in through locally based policing and safety initiatives.

We strive to:

  • Reduce occurrence of crime through proven crime prevention methods and the development of new programs suited to actual needs.
  • Reduce the fear of crime by establishing good communications between residents, businesses and community groups.
  • Increase public awareness of crime issues through effective use of media and other available means.
  • Increase community accessibility to police services.
  • Increase community involvement in the development and delivery of crime prevention.
  • Increase program delivery and services to the elderly.
  • Increase citizen involvement in crime prevention activities through the use of trained and dedicated volunteer community members.
  • Increase community education and awareness surrounding both Provincial and Municipal legislation that ensures a higher level of public safety.