Shouldering & Ditching

The City of Vernon completes shoulder grading annually as required on rural roads that do not have curb and gutter. Shoulder grading is required to ensure proper road drainage and reduce roadway damage and flooding of adjacent property owners. Shoulder grading is completed by City forces in the fall of each year and takes a crew approximately five working days to complete.

The City currently maintains approximately 18 km of gravel roads and lanes within the City boundaries. Typical maintenance on gravel roads includes grading, patching, dust control and shouldering. High traffic lanes are treated and maintained with asphalt chip seal that is installed by contract.

The City of Vernon also maintains approximately 50 kilometres of ditches within city boundaries. Ditch maintenance is required to ensure proper road drainage and limit potential damage due to major storm events. The City completes around 5 kilometres of ditch maintenance per year using contract and City forces.