Council Strategic Plan

The 2023 – 2026 Council Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for prioritizing actions, policies, programs and partnerships by establishing clear strategies that will guide Council and Administration over the next four years. It also provides direction for its business plans and budgets, and enables Council and City staff to monitor progress. The Strategic Plan and its corresponding Action Plan outline Council’s top strategic priorities, areas of focus, and key projects and initiatives. By implementing the Action Plan, the City of Vernon will continue to move forward in a thoughtful and sustainable way, creating a thriving community that is uniquely attractive to residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

2023 – 2026 Council Strategic Plan

2023 – 2026 Council Strategic Plan Snapshot

Vision, Mission, Advocacy & Governing Values

The Council Strategic Plan sets out the Vision, Mission, Advocacy statement and Governing Values for the City of Vernon and its Council:

Strategic priorities and areas of focus

Structurally, the 2023 – 2026 Council Strategic Plan sets out five (5) strategic priorities, each with specific areas of focus, projects and initiatives, and a list of guiding documents.

In addition to the major projects and initiatives listed in the Strategic Plan, Administration has developed a corresponding Action Plan, which outlines a more comprehensive list of the projects and initiatives to be undertaken over the next few years. The Action Plan is a living document that will be updated and expanded as projects progress and are completed, and as Council directs Administration to add new projects which are tied to an area of focus.

Council will receive regular updates on the Action Plan and revised copies of the plan will be posted to the City’s website when they become available.