Driving & Carpooling

Driving and Carpooling

Pace Car 

The City of Vernon is concerned about pedestrian safety and unsafe driving. Vernon has become a Parachute Pace Car Community and has received yearly grants from Parachute since 2013 to assist in raising the awareness around speed reduction especially in school zones. Elementary Schools that are actively participating in the program are Alexis Park, Ecole Beairsto School, Ellison and Harwood.

Heads Up Drivers

You're driving up to a crosswalk, playing with your stereo and haven't noticed that other vehicles have started to slow down. Heads up! Pay attention. Watch for vehicles slowing down; they could be yielding to pedestrians and cyclists. The City of Vernon reminds drivers to be alert for cyclists and pedestrians at all times and take extra caution in low light and poor weather. Both drivers, pedestrians and cyclists keep your heads-up, make eye contact and look out for each other.

Okanagan Carpool - It’s Cool to Pool

Driving alone, you lose out on the opportunity to put up to 25 per cent of your car costs into your savings account. Driving by yourself costs about $25 per day. That’s $9,000 per year.  Imagine sharing those costs by carpooling and adding more than $2,200 into your savings account every year. Join the thousand plus registered carpoolers with carpool.ca and start saving.Carpool.cais a free service from Salmon Arm to Oliver.

Pace Car

How Does It Work?

Pace Car

The Pace Car program involves seeking out community members to voluntarily sign up as Pace Car drivers. Participants will sign the Pace Car Supporters Pledge and proudly display the official Pace Car window clings inside on their rear car window (right hand side).

Many Pace Cars work to calm traffic throughout a neighbourhood - the more people who participate, the better it works!

What is the Pace Car Pledge?

Residents agree to drive the posted speed limit and sign a pledge. Cars become a "mobile speed bump" slowing speeding traffic behind them. Traffic is not only calmed on one street, but throughout a neighbourhood. Drivers also agree to be more aware of, and courteous to, other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists, and to minimize car use by using active transportation (walking, cycling, etc.), using transit, and car-pooling when possible.

To reduce the chance of road rage, it's important for Pace Car drivers to display the Pace Car stickers so other motorists know why they are driving courteously. If someone urgently wishes to pass, a Pace Car driver simply pulls over and lets them by. To sign up for Vernon’s Pace Car program please email: abroadbent@vernon.ca.

Why become a Pace Car Driver?

Pace Car

Children are more likely to be struck by a car in areas with higher speed limits. In fact, there is a direct correlation between an increase in vehicle speeds and the increase of the risk of injury. A pedestrian struck by a car traveling at 50 km/hr is eight times more likely to be killed than a pedestrian struck at 30 km/hr and even small reductions in speed can be significant. For each 1.6 km/hr reduction in average speed, collision frequency is reduced by five percent. Reducing vehicle speed has been proven to be effective in preventing crashes and reducing the severity of injuries.

At a speed of 30 km/hr, vehicles and pedestrians are able to co-exist with relative safety, which means that drivers have sufficient time to stop for pedestrians, and pedestrians can make better crossing decisions.

For more information visit:  Parachute (Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives)

Heads Up Drivers!

The City of Vernon’s Heads Up campaign is asking drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to keep their heads up as it is a shared responsibility to prevent collisions.

  • Be alert for pedestrians at all times, especially at intersections, crosswalks, downtown and even more so in low light or poor weather.
  • Pay attention. Avoid distractions like changing radio stations.
  • See and be seen. Make eye contact with pedestrians.
  • Watch for vehicles slowing down around you. They may be yielding to a pedestrian.
  • Heads up at intersections! Follow traffic lights, not the flashing hand or countdown signal. Pedestrian signals aren’t always timed to the light.
Why Carpool?

Carpooling is an affordable alternative to driving alone and offers many benefits:

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saves money on gas and insurance
  • Lower stress
  • Meet new people
  • Fewer cars on the road

Sign up at www.carpool.ca.

Carpool Parking

For those who are carpooling to travel to Kelowna or beyond, a signed carpool parking lot is available. The lot is located on College Way across the road from Okanagan College, Vernon Campus.

Please obtain an appropriate parking permit from the City of Vernon Bylaw clerk located at the Community Services Building, 3001 - 32 Avenue, Vernon BC. Permits are $10 (taxes included) per quarter year beginning January 1, each year. Permits are not prorated.

School and Playground Signage Changes

The City of Vernon has adopted the Transportation Association of Canada’s (TAC) school and playground signing guidelines.  Please click on one of the following schools to see changes to their respective school zone and school area signage: Alexis Park Drive, Silver Star, Harwood, Beairsto, Ellison, Okanagan Landing and Mission Hill Elementary.

Provided here is a clarification of school and playground zone signage you will see in Vernon

Okanagan Carpool Week

Okanagan Carpool Week October 23 – 27, 2017

Okanagan Carpool Week runs from October 23 to 27, 2017. The City of Vernon is encouraging residents to try carpooling by using the free ride matching service offered by Carpool.ca for a chance to win a $100 fuel card.

To win simply;

  1. Register with www.carpool.ca as a new user, or

  2. Return to www.carpool.ca (if you’re an existing user) and search for carpool partners, or

  3. Complete the online survey through www.carpool.ca

For more information about the promotion visit http://www.carpool.ca/Week.aspx.