Residential Organics


The new weekly curbside residential organics collection program launched on May 2, 2022. All Vernon residences that currently receive automated garbage collection are part of the program.

This new service is helping to divert kitchen and yard waste from the Greater Vernon Diversion and Disposal Facility (landfill), which will reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions, help create chemical-free fertilizer, and extend the life of our landfill.

Please note the weight restrictions for the carts; if carts are overfilled material may become compacted, making it more difficult for material to fall into the collection truck. The weight restrictions for the carts are as follows:

  • 120L cart: 50 kg (110 Ibs)
  • 240L cart: 75 kg (165 Ibs)

Find your collection day using the interactive map below:

collection map & schedule

The Curbside Waste Collection Guide, included inside your new organics cart, contains a list of acceptable items, tips on how to use your cart, and a printable version of the map/calendar:

printable Collection Guide

Have additional questions on how waste collection or the organics program works in Vernon? Find a complete list of frequently asked questions here:

automated waste collection FAQ

Questions about the curbside residential waste collection program can be directed to Emterra Environmental at:

Phone: 250-545-4245
Toll free: 1-888-609-2645

Community Organics Bin

Residents who do not have access to the curbside residential organics collection program (such as those living in apartment buildings) are welcome to deposit their household organic waste into the community organics bin. The bin is located at the Recreation Centre Complex, immediately adjacent to 39th Avenue in the auditorium parking lot.

Given the number of residents this community bin may serve, the City requests that only kitchen organics be deposited, no yard waste. Find a list of accepted materials in the drop-down menu below.