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Municipal bylaws set standards for the community and are an important tool to set boundaries in acceptable behaviour and values. Bylaw Compliance Officers investigate complaints received from the public about alleged violations of the various bylaws enacted by the City of Vernon. These include approximately 27 Regulatory Bylaws, which include Business Licensing #5480, Parks and Public Places Bylaw #5057, Good Neighbour #4980, Zoning Bylaw #5000 and others.

In addition, officers enforce the Traffic Bylaw #5600, which includes parking, in order to ensure safety for our residents and to ensure sufficient parking spaces for our downtown businesses. These regulations include such things as parking too close to a fire hydrant, stop sign or crosswalk, as well as parking adjacent to yellow lines.

The goal of the Bylaw Compliance department is voluntary compliance with the City of Vernon’s regulatory bylaws through education, to benefit citizens, businesses and the community.

Is it actually the Bylaw Office you need?

Sometimes it's hard to know when to call Bylaw, the RCMP or another City of Vernon department when there is not an emergency. Please continue to use 911 for all emergencies such as medical, large fires (structures, forests, etc) and when a major crime has taken place.