Traffic Signals & Signage

The City of Vernon’s Public Works Division is responsible for traffic signals, traffic signs and lane marking for all roads in the City of Vernon except for 32nd Street and Highway 6 which are maintained by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Public Works technicians program the timing and perform preventive maintenance of traffic signals and pedestrian operated red controlled intersections. The signals on 27th Street from 58th Avenue to 28th Avenue run on a daily time-based coordination beginning at 8 am and ending at 7 pm.

A fully actuated traffic signal includes mechanisms installed at intersections that detect volume of traffic present. Based on this information, the signal provides sufficient run time to keep vehicles flowing efficiently. All signal controlled intersections include components such as a controller, traffic detector, the traffic lights and the connecting cables.

The Public Works Division staff conducts an annual inspection of all street signs as preventative maintenance.

Traffic line painting is performed each spring by contractors. Additional line painting is done on an as-required basis.