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Temporary outdoor commercial uses (Use Agreement and Guidelines)

In recognition of current provincial COVID-19 guidelines for physical distancing, Council has approved temporary measures for businesses to expand commercial uses into adjacent public spaces.

Businesses are required to enter into a Use Agreement with the City and follow a set of guidelines, but will not need to get a permit or pay a fee for the temporary outdoor commercial expansion. For more information, and to find the Use Agreement and guidelines, please visit our COVID-19 page.

Business Licence Information

A Business Licence is required to operate a business in Vernon. A business is generally defined as "the carrying on of a commercial or industrial undertaking of any kind or the providing of professional, personal or other services for the purpose of profit or gain". A business licence must be held by the owner or operator of a business, and in the case of more than one business premise, a separate business licence is required for each location.

Some organizations or businesses may not be required to obtain a business licence. For example, residential premises holding garage or yard sales or agricultural producers who are not conducting any retail sales from the farm.

Non-profit organizations or charitable organizations are required to obtain a business licence if they operate from a premise within the City of Vernon or if they are conducting fund raising campaigns within the city. No fee is charged to a non-profit or charitable organization if the organization can provide the proper Revenue Canada identification.

Business Licence Application

Cannabis Business Licence Application

Business Licence Fee Schedule

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Business Licence Application
Home Based Businesses

For anyone intending to operate a "home based business", please ensure that you have read the home occupation attachments and that you are able to comply. There are three different types of home occupations (Major, Minor and Rural). Your property zoning will determine which type of home occupation you are eligible for.

Please complete one of the following forms and submit with your Business Licence application:

For more information concerning the application process for permits, licences and zoning please contact the Community Infrastructure and Development Division at 250-550-3634.

When applying for a business licence, these considerations should be addressed prior to the leasing or purchasing of property for a business.

Please contact the Community Infrastructure and Development Services Division to ensure that the property is appropriate for the business you are planning. Staff will verify that the Zoning District in which the property is situated will allow the particular business type, that appropriate parking is available on site (if required by Zoning), and any other considerations.

Depending on the nature of the business, approvals from the Fire Inspector, Building Inspector or the Environmental Health Officer may be necessary prior to approval of the Business Licence. There are no costs related to these inspections if associated with a business licence application. Inspections should be conducted prior to a purchase or lease so that an applicant will be aware of any costs associated with requirements under the Fire, Building or Health codes.

The business licence will be issued upon payment of the fee and must be displayed in a prominent place on the premises. For mobile services, a copy of the licence should be carried in the equipment/vehicle or with the individual, at all times, when engaging in business activities.

Mobile Vending Application

Are you interested in operating a mobile retail or food truck, trailer or cart in Vernon? This information package will assist you in applying for a City of Vernon Mobile Vending Business Licence. This guide also includes contact information and answers to frequently asked questions.

For more information concerning the application process,please contact the Community Infrastructure and Development Division at 250-550-3634.