Public Hearings

There are currently no upcoming meetings posted.


Upcoming Public Hearings

Public hearings are held when changes to zoning bylaws or an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment is proposed. All Public Hearings are advertised in the local newspaper and on this website.

If you feel you will be impacted by any proposed changes to zoning bylaws or the OCP, you have the opportunity to voice your concerns through the Public Hearing process.

Public Hearing Procedure
  1. City Staff will provide a brief description of the zoning application or the Official Community Plan amendment.
  2. The Mayor will request that the Corporate Officer should indicate any correspondence and/or petitions received for the record.
  3. The Mayor will call for speakers from the public in attendance.
    1. Microphones are provided at a podium for any person(s) wishing to speak at the meeting.
    2. The Chair will recognize only speakers at the microphones.
    3. The public and members of Council may ask questions of the speaker and/or City staff in order to clarify details.
    4. Final calls will be given for those wishing to speak.
Public Hearings Formalities
  • Comments at Council meetings should be directed to the Chair or the member of Council that is presiding at the meeting.
  • Introduce yourself - please clearly state your name and address before making your comments. You may be requested to provide your name and address on a list provided at the podium.
  • Be sure to speak into the microphone so that your input can be clearly heard.
  • The Mayor may be referred to as "Your Worship" or "Mr. Mayor", other Council members should be referred to as "Councillor".
  • Be aware that comments on some issues may be restricted by legal requirements or policy.