Community Safety Office

The Vernon Community Safety Office (CSO) is the flagship operation of the Protective Services – Community Safety Unit.  Opening its doors in November 1999 as the Community Policing Office, staffed by RCMP CSO Volunteers, the storefront has expanded beyond traditional Community Policing functions, to providing overall Community Safety initiatives. Interested in becoming an RCMP CSO Volunteer? Click Here

The CSO houses information on over 50 crime reduction/prevention programs and initiatives and also offers a broad spectrum of information around community-based programs, projects and initiatives. The CSO further houses the Restorative Justice Society - North Okanagan.

The CSO allows for community members to initiate non or low priority reports to the RCMP, refers clients to available resources, services and programs within the community, provides information regarding current crime reduction/prevention programs and initiatives which empower individuals and neighbourhoods to feel and be safe.

Programs offered through the CSO

Community members are able to access core Community Safety programs/information such as:

  • Folks on Spokes / Needle Hotline (seasonally)
  • Drug House Awareness & Reporting
  • Drug Awareness
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Frauds Cons & Scams Information
  • The Vernon Safety Ambassadors Program (seasonally)
  • The Vernon Anti-tag team (seasonally)
  • Operation Cat’s Paw
  • The Restorative Justice
  • CrimeStoppers
  • W.I.T.S
  • Personal and Cyber Safety
  • Unwanted Graffiti Reporting
  • Operation Identification
  • Garage 529
  • LGBTQ Safe Place Program
Community Events

RCMP CSO Volunteers also participate in community/school-based bike rodeos, workshops and a wide variety of Community events such as:

  • Scooter Safety Workshop
  • Operation ID
  • Sunshine Festival 
  • Frauds Cons & Scams workshops
  • Halloween at the Village Green
  • Winter Carnival Parade
  • Wings & Wheels
  • YAA Fest
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • International Car Free Day
  • FASD Day
  • Bike To Work Week
The Community Safety Coordinator - Public Programs

The Coordinator is responsible for the day to day operations and staffing of the CSO as well as program development and implementation to address current crime trends and community needs. The Coordinator provides community outreach in the form of a wide variety of community relevant workshops centred on providing the tools to feel and be safe.  

Arrangements for residential or business security audits using the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), workshops on personal, home, vehicle and community safety, Internet safety, crystal meth awareness and a broad range of age and developmentally appropriate workshops can be made through the CSO. Information on bullying, drug awareness, cyberbullying, bike safety and much more is also available.

All workshops are designed to address the unique needs, development and age of the audience.

Workshops provided by the CSO

Such workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Dealing with Hostile Clients/Persons
  • Workplace Safety
  • Personal Safety (all ages)
  • Keeping our Children Safe  - Toddler Safety
  • Safe Disposal of Needles
  • Adult / Youth Internet Safety & Cyber Citizenry
  • Tagging & Unwanted Graffiti
  • Hug a Tree and Survive
  • Stay Alert Stay Safe - Child Safety
  • Residential/Business Security Audits
  • Drug Awareness
  • Bullying
  • Home/Office Security
  • Bike Safety
The Community Safety Coordinator - Public Programs

During the summer, the Coordinator is responsible for hiring, training and supervision of the Vernon Safety Ambassadors & the Vernon Anti-Tag Team. The Safety Ambassadors are actively engaged as eyes and ears for the RCMP, ambassadors for the City of Vernon, provide community outreach programs, liaise with the disenfranchised of the community as well as provide a uniformed presence in Vernon at a time when the population and tourism increases significantly.

The Anti-Tag Team documents unwanted graffiti & tagging throughout the community. They liaise with businesses and property owners to remove the vandalism.

The Coordinator is actively involved in a variety of community initiatives most aimed at manageable solutions to the root causes of crime under the umbrella of Crime Prevention Through Social Development, such as:

  • Partners in Action
  • Downtown Vernon Association
  • The  Centreville Neighbourhood Council
  • Harm Reduction Strategy Evaluation Team
  • Homelessness Strategy Evaluation Team
  • Camp Okanagan Outreach Liaison Team (COOL Team)
  • Restorative Justice Advisory Council
  • Sharps Action Team
  • HART Action Team
  • Vernon Emergency Operation Centre
  • Reconciliation Journey Team