Vernon Aquatic Centre

The Vernon Recreation Centre and Aquatic Centre have a number of new and enhanced safety protocols in place to keep you, your family, our staff, and our community safe while taking part in recreation activities. We look forward to seeing you back in the pool!

The Aquatic Centre consists of two pools. There is a 25 metre, 8 lane pool for lap swimming and a separate free-form leisure pool. In addition, the facility provides a steam room, sauna, whirlpool, waterslide, one metre diving board, rope swing and lots of other fun things for the whole family.

The Recreation Centre Pool water is treated with a Chlorine/Ozone system that provides a clean and comfortable swimming environment. The lap pool water temperature is kept at 27 C, which is just right for laps. The leisure pool is kept at 30 C for the comfort of all ages. The hot tub is kept at 40 C. The leisure pool goes from 0.3 metres to 1.06 metres in depth. The lap pool starts at 1.2 metres and goes to a depth of 3.5 metres

To pre-register your swim, click here

To pre-register your gym workout, click here

Admission Rates Effective January 2021

Admission rates include access to the AQUATIC CENTRE and FITNESS GYM


Adult 19+

Youth 13-18

Child 7-12

PreSchool 3-6


65 years+








10x Pass







20x Pass







30 Days







 90 Days







180 Days







1 Year







Hours of Operation: 
The Vernon Aquatic Centre is reopened for pre-registered swimming only. Please check out the available swim timeslots online.

Please read below for some common questions we hear. If there is something we have not covered here we want to hear from you. Email us at   and let us know your question(s)!

What do I need to know before attending a swim at the pool?
  • Users must pre-register for a 1 hour timeslot for pool use (click here). Drop-ins may be accommodated if space allows.
  • Fitness Gym users who wish to use the pool will need to register for a timeslot (click here) for both the fitness gym and pool respectively.
  • All paying pool users must register for a timeslot. Any child under the age of 3 is included per 1 paying adult.
  • All pool users must check in with the front desk to receive a wrist band prior to pool entry.
  • Our maximum occupancy for Lap & Leisure is thirty-five (35) persons and Public Swim is limited to fifty (50) persons. Come dressed ready to swim. Pool access is through the main changerooms and pool exit is through the club/overflow changerooms. Changeroom occupancy is fifteen (15) persons and exit access is limited to 15 minutes immediately following your registered timeslot.
  • Everyone must have a shower with soap and water when entering the pool area.
  • Do not spit or blow your nose in the water.
  • Practice physical distancing by keeping 2 metres between family units.
  • Do not bring valuables or extra belongings to the pool. NO lockers available. All personal belongings must be brought out to the pool deck storage.
  • Pool users are encouraged to put on a mask when physical distancing cannot be maintained. However, face coverings are not permitted in the water.
  • Patrons are encouraged to bring their own equipment. No snorkels are permitted. Limited lap equipment will be available. All shared equipment will be cleaned between users.
  • The steam room, sauna and rope swing are not available at this time.
  • As of December 4, 2020 in response to the current Provide Wide Restrictions, the Fitness gym is limited to 4 participants at a time and only 3 pieces cardio equipment is available (1 - treadmill, 1 - elliptical & 1 - stationary bike).  All Fitness gym users are required to train individually and discourage group training.

How can I register to use the pool?

Swim times can be pre-booked up to 48 hours in advance.  The booking can be done on our website, (click here), by phone or in person as you are leaving from a previous swim.

What is the pool capacity? Is each swim different?

Yes, our pool capacities vary depending on the swim time:

Lap & Leisure swims will be limited to 35 swimmers: 5 Fast swimmers in double wide lane, 5 Medium swimmers in a double wide lane, 4 Slow swimmers in a double wide lane, 6 Walking/Running swimmers in a double wide lane, and 15 in the Leisure Pool and Hot Tub.

Public Swims will be limited to 45 swimmers.

Therapy Swims will be scheduled to utilize the lanes that are available when programs aren't fully booked.  These times are intended for our vulnerable populations who require low impact options and may not be able to exercise in a non-aquatic environment.  During these times access will be limited to 2-3 swimmers and their caregivers.

How can I tell how many spots are left on a swim time?

The number of spots available depends on the pool space, type of swim and changeroom availability.  When booking an activity reservation 48 hours in advance, the number of available sports will be indicated above the Register button.  If all the timeslots have been booked, the swim time with state FULL.  If a waitlist is available (for Lap Swims only), it will state FULL - Waitlist Available above the Waitlist button.

Can a person book two times back-to-back?

We ask all pool users to only book one timeslot.  This allows more spaces to be available for other pool users to attend and use the facility.  If you wish to stay for an additional hour, we ask pool users to inquire in person with our Recreation Clerks at the time of checking in if the following timeslots is available to be booked.

How many times per day can a person attend the pool?

Although we ask pool users to only book one timeslot, we understand that the swimming pool may have different uses.  Pool users can book up to 2 timeslots in the same day provided they are not back-to-back.  For example, an adult may book a lap swim at 6:30am and a public swim at 7:00pm with their family in the same day.

How do I get in the pool? How many people can use the changerooms at the same time?

Pool entry will be through the main changerooms, and exit is through the club changerooms.  Pool users are required to bring all their belongings on the pool deck to store in the lap cubbies as there are no lockers available.

Our posted changeroom capacity is 15 people, but this is for all of our changerooms combined.  This number is based on 6-8 people per gender and 3-6 in the universal change area.  We did not want to limit bookings by gender so we will allow 15 people spread across three changing areas.  Our pool is unique in that we have a second set of changerooms off of the viewing area.  This allows for our facility flow to enter through the main changerooms while other guests are exiting through the club changerooms.

Do we need to wear masks to the pool?

At this time, we only require masks in public and shared spaces, including the front lobby, hallways and changerooms.  Pool users are asked to wear their mask up until they have a cleansing shower before entering a swimming pool.  Any type of face covering is not allowed in the water due to a risk of asphyxia.  Pool users are asked to put their mask back on before entering the changeroom to get dressed following their swim.   If you need to speak directly with a staff person we ask that you still maintain the recommended physical distancing.  

Is swimming lessons still available? How do I register?

Yes, we are offering a variety of learn to swim and advanced aquatic programs.  You can view these programs and our swimming lesson COVID-19 modifications here.

Were pool passes extended following the March 18, 2020 closure?

All passes were put on hold at the time of our closing and will be reactivated once we reopen.  Pass holders will not lose any time due to the pool closure.

Can I come and watch my family swim?

Unfortunately, there are no spectators allowed at this time.  We have a limited capacity within the pool area and additional spectators will take away space for people to swim.  

My child is 7 years old and can swim alone, but can I assist my child change before and after their swimming lesson?

For Public Swims, all pool users ages 6 and under require 1 parent/caregiver to be within arms reach at all times.  For Public Swims, pool users ages 7+ can still attend the swim without a parent/caregiver present.  Parents/caregivers who wish to assist their child/ren change before and after their swim, but not attend the public swim will be allowed access to the pool area to accompany their child/ren as needed. 

Those parents/caregivers will need to follow the directional flow of the facility by removing their shoes, crossing the pool deck, and exit the pool area through the viewing area.  Parents/caregivers are discouraged to congregate and wait in the lobby during their child/ren's 1-hour timeslot in the pool.