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When moving to Vernon, finding a place to live is going to be your first priority. We have a wide range of options from apartments, townhomes, single-family homes, multi-family homes, as well as homes on acreage for farming, ranching or recreation uses.

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Are you looking for views of the lakes? Maybe something close to downtown for easy access to our restaurants and shopping. Or maybe you are looking for easy access to hiking trails and parks. Either way, you’ll want to visit and explore all of our amazing neighbourhoods before making your final decision. Licensed real estate agents, property management companies, and online listings are helpful in finding a place to live.

   North Okanagan – Housing Prices (2019 average)

Apartment $231,158
Townhouse $350,730
Duplex $454,803
Single Family $523,152
House with acreage $715,594
Single Family (waterfront) $1,313,603

*Source: Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board       

Many people find and purchase a home by working with a RealtorTM. There is a directory of local realtors and homes for sale in our community online.

Renting a home is another option when you move to our city.   Units can be rented by the month but often landlords would like to have a minimum one year lease.   According to Canada Mortgage and Housing data the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Vernon as of October 2020 was $1,175 per month.  The rental vacancy rate is 1.6% (Oct 2020).  Helpful information about renting a property is available at the Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre

There are some programs in BC that can help with housing affordability.  For a list of programs, visit BC Housing.Graphic moving to Vernon link