Christmas Tree Disposal

Keep your Christmas tree out of the landfill

December 25 to January 18, 2024

Make sure your fresh Christmas tree is disposed of properly beyond the holiday season! Residents of the City of Vernon are encouraged to drop off their tree for free at the designated site:

3501 43rd Avenue, west of Kal Tire Place, on the former Kin Race Track lands.


 To help ensure your tree is chipped and recycled properly:

  • Remove lights, decorations, and tree stands beforehand
  • Other yard waste, commercial trees, artificial trees, trees with flocking/tinsel/spray foam, or general garbage or wastes will not be accepted at the drop-off site
  • Christmas trees can also be taken to regional landfills yard waste collection facilities free of charge until the end of January 2024.

Christmas trees will not be picked up with your residential refuse and will not be accepted in the community food compost collection bins. Residents should transport all other yard waste directly to the landfill yard waste collection facility. The community food compost collection bins only accept food scraps (including vegetable, fruit, meat, and bone scraps), and do not accept commercial materials, any kind of metal, plastic, glass, Styrofoam, or pet waste.

You may also leave your old Christmas tree in your backyard garden as wildlife habitat. Leaving the tree can provide habitat for wildlife such as small critters and birds during winter months, especially on cold nights and during winter storms. By spring, the tree will lose most of its needles and can be cut to smaller pieces to be included with yard waste or allowed to compost. This could help provide valuable organic materials for your garden.

For additional details and more information, call 250-549-6757.