Vernon Moves

Downtown Parking

There are numerous parking choices for spending time downtown Vernon. A parking map provided by Downtown Vernon shows parking options. Recent improvements include access to pay by phone options allowing additional payment and customer service opportunities.

DVA parking map

Resident Exempt Parking Areas

In response to neighbourhood concerns regarding intrusive non-residential on-street parking in the community, the City has formed a Resident Exempt Parking Area (REPA) Policy outlining a process for residents to have their request for a REPA in their neighbourhood evaluated. REPAs are parking strategies implemented in neighbourhoods intended to address heavy demand from nearby high trip generators such as hospitals, community centres, and shopping districts. Upon expression of interest from residents through a resident-led petition, the City will recommend implementing a REPA for Council’s consideration, subject to passing a warrant assessment. To review the procedures and determine how to submit a Letter of Request for a REPA, please review the Resident Exempt Parking Area Policy.

Additional Parking Information
Parking Rates

In the city-owned public parking lots, rates are $0.50 per hour, $4.00 per day, or $60.00 per month.  Select lots offer free parking after 5 pm on week days and on weekends. Please refer to the signage posted in the individual lots. On-street parking is $1.00 per hour from 9 am to 6 pm, with Sundays and Statutory Holidays are free for on-street parking.


The City of Vernon works with PayByPhone to let you pay for vehicle parking in seconds. The app is a completely cashless solution, reminds you when your parking session is about to expire and even lets you extend your parking time from anywhere! PayByPhone is convenient, easy and secure.
Download the app on iOS or Android, or call 1-866-234-7275.
Click here for a list of frequently asked questions about the PayByPhone app.

Paying Tickets

If you look on the reverse side of each ticket, you will find information and directions regarding how you may pay, appeal or dispute a ticket.  For more information about paying, appealing and disputing, please see our Bylaws page.

City Centre Neighbourhood Plan

In 2011 the City of Vernon completed the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan (CCNP) which aims to articulate a shared vision to guide investments to garner maximum benefit for the community and to guide decisions on municipal budgeting, infrastructure investment, projects, and land development in the City Centre.

Parking was identified as a critical issue through community consultation and many recommended actions of the CCNP are related to parking management. A document included in the related links has been developed as an implementation strategy for the parking-related actions of the CCNP.