2022 Cemetery fees

“These reflect the current year prices and are subject to change at any time. For additional information please call 250-550-3555”

The City is responsible for the operation of Pleasant Valley Cemetery, the sale of cemetery plots, interment permits, marker permits, scheduling burials and the maintenance of burial records.

The cemetery is comprised of the Evergreen section and the Maple section, and further divided into blocks, rows and plots. The cemetery contains approximately 17,000 interments with a variety of style in markers and marker composition.

The cemetery is surrounded by a fence and vegetation and has two entrances. The main entrance has irons gates while a separate side entrance is from the adjacent Pleasant Valley Funeral Home. The cemetery has set hours of operation, with the gates locked after hours;

  • March 15 to October 15: 8:00 am at Dusk
  • October 16 to March 14: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

The operation of the cemetery is subject to Provincial laws and regulations as well as the City bylaw. The City bylaw provides for control of plot sizes, headstone markers, flower stands and related items. It also provides for fees for interments and related costs.

For information regarding the cemetery please call the Finance Department at 250-550-3555. The City maintains the cemetery under contract.


The Pleasant Valley Cemetery is located at 4311 Pleasant Valley Road in Vernon.