Property Information Request

A Property Information Request allows for the development community and the public to obtain information regarding building, zoning, environmental and bylaw infractions on a particular property. This type of request can also help to determine if there are any violations on the property that are known to the City, whether or not an occupancy permit has been issued, and what the current zoning of the property is. The files pertaining to the property are researched by our building, planning, and bylaw compliance departments, as well as the fire department (for commercial or industrial properties only). If there is a survey certificate on file, a copy will be included in the results.

Application Process

Apply and pay online using our web portal below. Mastercard or Visa is required to complete the online application process.

If applying online, we recommend using your MyCity account to login. This will allow you to view the status of your request as it is being reviewed by each department. There is also a guest option available if you do not wish to set up a MyCity account.

ONline form

You can also apply and pay in person (cash/debit/cheque) at the Community Services Building at 3001 32nd Ave, Vernon, using this form: Property Information Request Form.

The City does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information being provided. The City is not responsible for costs incurred or damages sustained as a result of errors, deficiencies, and/or omissions in the documents.