Walking is a safe, pleasant way to get around Vernon. The city offers an extensive sidewalk and pathway network that is growing every year. Vernon residents consistently express their desire to have a more walkable city. By focusing on creating places that are safe and pleasant to walk in, we can realize the vision the community has for the city.

A walkable city provides many benefits to its residents:

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Greater mobility for seniors and youth
  • Higher levels of fitness, and lower stress
  • Safer streets
  • Fewer cars on the road
Vernon Community Walking Map

Walking is one of life's simple pleasures, and it's good for you too. Small everyday trips to the grocery store, to work, to school, or to a restaurant add up to a healthier and happier lifestyle. This map is made up of routes recommended by Vernon residents as their favourite places to walk. Take a look, and you may just discover something new in your neighbourhood. 

Walking Map
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Canada Walks

Canada Walks promotes the value of walking and walkability, provides implementation tools, and works with partners to help build Canada’s walking movement. Canada Walks is a department of Green Communities Canada.

The City of Vernon has been working in partnership with Green Communities Canada and HASTE-BC (Hub Action For School Transportation Emissions) to create seven  School Travel Plans (STP) . Five schools are completed, Ecole Beairsto, Ellison, Harwood, Okanagan Landing and Silver Star elementary schools. Alexis Park and Mission Hill Elementary  schools are underway.


Walk21 is an organization that exists to champion the development of healthy, sustainable and efficient communities where people can and do choose to walk. The International Charter for Walking was developed by a team of international experts as part of the Walk21 conference series. The Charter has been translated into several languages, and communities and individuals around the world have signed the Charter including many from Canada. To view and sign the Charter visit www.walk21.com.

Head's Up! Safe Walking Tips

Heads Up Pedestrians! Be Seen, Be Safe.

City of Vernon’s Heads Up campaign is asking drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to keep their heads up as it is a shared responsibility to prevent collisions.

  • Be lit! Wear or carry a light at dusk, in low light or poor weather; wear white, bright reflective clothing
  • Cross with care; make eye contact with drivers and wait until traffic has stopped before you cross
  • Pay attention; avoid distractions like texting
  • Be predictable; use crosswalks and intersections; never jaywalk
  • Heads up at intersections; stop, look and listen
  • Look both ways; don’t start to cross on a flashing hand
  • Countdown timers tell you how long you have left to cross
Pedestrian and Cyclist Master Plan

25 Year Master Transportation Plan

25 year transportation plan

Pedestrian and Cyclist Master Plan

Pedestrian and Biking Master Plan

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