Certification Courses

Do you want a career in Aquatics?

Please click through the drop down menus below for which courses you need to become a Lifeguard and/or an Instructor.  Please note that most facilities require potential job applicants to hold a current National Lifeguard certification and a current Water Safety Instructor certification.

Certification Courses FAQ's

COVID-19 Candidate Course Information

Following the recommendations from both the Canadian Red Cross and the BC Lifesaving Society, we have added COVID-19 protocols to our advanced course delivery.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call one of our Aquatic Leaders at aquaticleader@vernon.ca or 250-550-3670.

  1. All participants are required to answer a daily health assessment prior to the start of the course starting.  If you are sick, you are required to withdraw for a full refund and stay home and self-isolate following public health guidance.
  2. Plastic Mingle Masks will be used in the pool area during portions of the course. They can be purchased (for $3) during registration or at the Front Desk.
  3. Physical distancing of 2 metres must be observed at all times between instructor and candidate and others.
  4. All candidates are required to wash their hands before entering the classroom and when transitioning from skills practice to deskwork.
  5. During meal breaks for longer courses, candidates can stay at their designated desk spot to eat, go outside, or use the viewing area if wet. Congregating in the lobby is not allowed.
  6. You must bring your own personal equipment (ie. Goggles, Towel, Mask). They are not to be shared with other candidates.  The use of non-medical face coverings are required when dry; fabric face coverings are not allowed in the water due to an asphyxia risk. (Only plastic Mingle mask)
  7. The classroom and practice equipment will be disinfected between uses/days. Anything in regular contact with chlorine water is considered clean. Please follow instructor direction around what equipment can be used.
  8. Some items will be taught as “per-normal” with a mannequin to demonstrate the ‘Must Sees’. Other items will use COVID modifications to demonstrate understanding/competency while remaining COVID safe.