Active Living Centre Feasibility Study

The 2018 Recreation Master Plan was developed to serve as a guide for the strategic direction of recreation for the Greater Vernon area.  A great deal of research and public input went into the Recreation Master Plan and it set out goals and objectives to help aid in decision making over the next 15 year period.

The Recreation Master Plan indicated the need for facility development and specifically the need for the following facilities as the highest priority:
•Aquatic Centre (a NEW pool to increase aquatic use capacity, upgrade existing pool features)
•Dedicated Program Spaces 
•Fitness Space
•Indoor Walking / Running Track

Based on community input, the Feasibility Study will outline a Preferred Design Option for the development of a new Active Living Centre and associated costs to build and operate, and will also identify desired upgrades to the Vernon Aquatic Centre.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Active Living Centre Feasibility study! We’re happy you’re here.  Community input and support for projects like this are vital to their success.   For more information, please keep reading. 

Design Options to Date

Four design options for a new Active Living Centre and upgrades to the Vernon Aquatic Centre have been prepared for your consideration. These design options have been informed by community input to date.

All Options must:

  • Address the priorities identified in the 2018 Recreation Master Plan
  • Allow existing Vernon Aquatic Centre to remain open during construction of new facilities

Which one of these options would you support?


The intended outcome of the Feasibility Study
The Feasibility Study will provide clear direction for Greater Vernon to implement the recommendations and move forward to referendum.  The Feasibility Study will assess the level of community support for:
The development of a new Active Living Centre
Upgrades to the Vernon Aquatic Centre
Funding options (i.e. taxes, user fees, etc.)
Public engagement sessions:

Open House & Survey (February 2020 Dates to be announced)

Pop-up events (TBD)

Milestones for the Project
Short list of Design Options – November, 2019
Feasibility Study Draft 1 – Report – December 20, 2019 
Feasibility Study Draft 2 – Report – February 14, 2020
Feasibility Study  – Final Report – March 24, 2020 

For more information, please contact: Doug Ross  250-550-3687

Frequently Asked Questions
1) When will a final option be presented for the Indoor Recreation Facilities in Greater Vernon?

The preferred option will be presented to the community and the elected officials in the spring of 2020.

2) If a new Active Living Centre is built, where would it be located?

The Kin Race Track lands have been identified as a potential location, however this Feasibility Study will help to determine the location.

3) What will happen to the current Vernon Aquatic Centre?

The Feasibility Study will look at what upgrades need to be made to the current Vernon Aquatic Centre. Options will include renovations and refurbishing, or repurposing.

4) Will there be a referendum?

Once the preferred option for Active Living Facilities is endorsed by all elected officials in Greater Vernon, a referendum question will be created and sent to Victoria for approval by the province. Once the referendum question is approved a date can be set for a referendum.