Active Living Centre Project

Active Living Centre Project Objective:

To plan for a new recreation facility that meets the current and future needs of a growing community and has the opportunity to attract new residents and visitors to the Greater Vernon area.

Public Engagement 

Based on public engagement, the Active Living Centre Feasibility Study outlined a Preferred Design Option and the associated costs to build and operate the facility. The Preferred Design Option includes:

  • Aquatic Centre
    • 50m Pool with movable bulkheads (allows dividing into 3 activity areas or 2 x 25m swim areas)
    • Leisure Pool that provides water play, warm water fitness / therapy and is fully accessible
    • Hot Tubs, Sauna and Steam Room
  • Double Gymnasium with multiple sport courts
  • Activity and Program rooms
  • Fitness Centre with 80 stations
  • Indoor 150m Walking / Running Track

Preferred Design Option and Costing Report

Next Steps

  • Communications Strategy for Referendum
  • Facility placement within the Kin Park site to be determined by the Kin Race Track Park Planning
  • Explore possible funding and operating models
  • Selection of project delivery strategy/procurement type (Traditional Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management, Design Build, etc.)

Potential Timeline (towards delivery of a new Active Living Centre)
October 15, 2022      Potential Referendum
Winter 2023               Potential Project RFP Process
Spring 2023               Potential Award & Design Development and Contract Document Preparation
Spring 2024               Potential Tender
Summer 2024           Potential Award & Construction
Fall 2026                    Potential Occupancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Council Resolution for Next Steps

Council, at their Regular meeting held on Monday, June 14, 2021, passed the following resolution:

‘THAT Council receive the memorandum titled “Active Living Centre - Planning Update” dated June 4, 2021, respectfully submitted by the Director, Recreation Services;

 AND FURTHER, that Council directs Administration to continue the planning process for the multi-purpose Active Living Centre, as a City of Vernon facility at this time, continuing to draw funding as required from City of Vernon sources in order to prepare for a potential communication campaign and assent voting in conjunction with the municipal election on October 15, 2022;

AND FURTHER, that Council, through the Mayor, request that our Community Partners, the District of Coldstream and Electoral Areas B & C reconsider their involvement in the proposed Active Living Centre project.’