Sewer Connection

The City of Vernon is responsible for underground construction of water and sanitary sewer and on the public right of way.

Sanitary Sewer Service Connection Policy

It is the responsibility of the property owner to clear blockages in a lateral sanitary sewer service from the dwelling to the sanitary service main, which includes the section of line located on City property.

Procedures for dealing with sewer blockages and flooding are as follows:

  1. If a call is received that the dwelling is flooding with foreign sewage, the Operations Department shall respond immediately to clear the sanitary sewer main.
  2. If a call is received that the service line is blocked, the property owner is advised to contact a plumber.
  3. If the property owner requests City crews to respond, the property owner is advised that unless the service line on City property is found to have failed, the property owner shall pay all costs of City staff and equipment, including overtime costs as per the Collective Agreement, and sign a Request Form prior to the City proceeding. City crews shall then respond.
  4. The City may inspect the lateral service using a video camera. If the lateral service camera confirms there is no structural problem in the lateral service line from the property to the main, the property owner shall be invoiced for costs of staff and equipment. If this section of service line is found to have failed, then the City will repair the service line. Structural problems would involve a line which has collapsed, separated, has reverse grade, or has roots entering it.

Reason For Policy

This policy clarifies responsibilities for sanitary sewer service maintenance which saves the City unnecessary maintenance and administrative costs and reduces the risk to the City for insurance claims.