New Development

Vernon has experienced substantial development over the past few years. The City has a high concentration of entrepreneurs, a high business success rate, an optimistic outlook as well as good public policy - all key components to a successful and progressive business community. The economic development department is committed to attracting new investment from inside and outside the community and creating a community where people and businesses want to be.

Major Projects by Year

A number of major projects have taken place in Vernon over the last several years. Simply click on the year below for an overview of major building permits issued that year along with a total permits issued.


Building activity in Vernon was down slightly, but still surpassed $127 Million in Building Permits and set a record for new units at 574. Major projects included:

  • Creekview Heights  - 1697 Deleenheer Rd - Three 72 unit apartment buildings (216 total) ($24M Building Permit)
  • Best Western Premier - 5350 Anderson Way. 116 room and 85 seat restaurant  ($9.35M Building Permit)
  • FreshCo - 3417 30 Avenue. Renovations and Facade Changes to former Safeway. ($3M Building Permit

Year-end building permits for 2019


Building activity in Vernon continues to be grow year over year. $148.8 Million in Building Permits and 507 new residential units were created in 2018. Major projects included:

  • 1803 31A Street - 43 Units ($11.5M Building Permit)
  • 3400 Centennial Drive - 60 Units ($9.7M Building Permit)
  • School District 22 - Office Addition ($7.5M Building Permit)
  • 5545 27 Avenue - 38 Units ($7.7M Building Permit)

Year-end building permits for 2018


Building activity in Vernon continues to be surpass previous years. $130 Million in Building Permits and 382 new residential units were created in 2017. Major projects included:

  • The Hub - 57 Units
  • Multi-use Facility Expansion at Kal Tire Place
  • Sparkling Hill Resort Employee Housing #2 - 21 Units
  • Walmart - Renovation

Year-end building permits for 2017


Building activity in Vernon continues to be strong in 2016 led primarily by some major multi-family projects.

  • BX Crossing - 86 Units
  • Parkwood Retirement - 150 Units
  • The Hamlets at Vernon (Phase 1) - 142 units
  • Okanagan Spring Brewery - Gateway Building

Year-end building permits for 2016


Building permits continued to rise in 2015. Major projects included:

  • BC Hydro - New 83,000 sqft Regional Office
  • Canadian Tire - New 102,000 sqft store
  • BCAA - 6,200 sqft building
  • Underwood Ashton Professional Building  - 11,330 sqft
  • Vernon Recreation Centre - Renovation
  • Vernon Native Housing - 40 Units
  • Predator Ridge Resort - Clubhouse Expansion

Year-end building permits for 2015


In 2014, the City of Vernon experienced a significant upswing in development activity. This was led primarily by the residential. Highlights include:

  • Okanagan Spirits
  • Valley First Credit Union
  • Match Eatery

Year-end building permits for 2014


In terms of new building development, 2013 was the slowest year since 2003. Residential was fairly flat compared to 2012 and 2011. Highlights include:

  • Village Green Self Storage
  • Vernon Recreation Centre Retrofit

Year-end building permits for 2013


2012 was a slower year for development as Vernon feels the impact of the global downturn. Residential development is on par with 2011, while commercial, industrial and institutional were down. However, there were still several significant projects that did proceed in the year. Highlights include:

  • Target
  • Village Green Hotel Retrofit
  • Red Robin

Year-end building permits for 2012


2011 was led by extremely strong commercial development, second only to 2008. Vernon also experienced significant institutional development. Highlights include:

  • Kal Tire Head Office - 81,000 sqft
  • Vernon Secondary School
  • Vernon Regional Library

Year-end building permits for 2011


Vernon experienced a decline in building permit activity in 2010. However, some significant projects did proceed including two in the downtown area. Highlights include:

  • Nixon Wenger
  • Polson Pavillion

Year-end building permits for 2010


2009 was led by expansion of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital. The project was the largest building permit that the City of Vernon has ever issued. Highlights for the year include:

  • Vernon Jubilee Hospital
  • Welk Mart
  • Carrington Place

Year-end building permits for 2009


2008 was the strongest building year on record. Even with a drop in residential demands related to the global downturn, commercial development was the strongest on record, led by Sparkling Hill Resort. Highlights for the year include:

  • Sparkling Hill Resort
  • The Mara
  • Royal Bank Polson Mall

Year-end building permits for 2008


2007 was another strong year for new building permits including the new head office for Tolko Industries. Highlights include:

  • Tolko Industries Head Office
  • Lake City Casino
  • Shoppers Drug Mart

Year-end building permits for 2007


The City of Vernon continues to experience tremendous growth in 2006, and sees a record number for residential building permit values. Highlights include:

  • BC Transmission Corporation
  • The Strand
  • Home Depot

Year end building permits for 2006


Strong development in Vernon continues in 2005. This is led by the residential and commercial sectors.

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Home Building Centre
  • Toyota

Year-end building permits for 2005