Property Taxes

Property Tax Due Date
First working day after July 1st


How your City of Vernon property taxes are determined.

Paying Your Property Taxes

There are many ways you can pay your Property Tax Notice: by mail, in person at City Hall, at your ATM or bank, through your mortgage and online through your financial institution.

Property taxes are one of the City's biggest revenue sources, and are critical to the health and livability of our city.

Your tax dollars help pay for many of our essential services, such as police, fire fighting, and emergency rescue.

We also rely on property tax revenues to build stronger communities.

Your payments help us fund our recreation and community centres, libraries, parks, and much more

When are Property Taxes Due?

Property taxes are due the first working day in July, to avoid a penalty of 10%. Payments and a properly completed home owner grant application, if eligible, must be received by the property tax due date, no exceptions.

Receiving Your Property Tax Notice

We prepare and mail approximately 19,000 property tax notices annually.  All property tax notices are mailed annually in the third week of May.

You do not need to have your property tax notice in order to pay your property taxes.  You are responsible for paying your taxes whether or not you have received your notice.  Property owners who have not received their tax notice by the second week of June should contact the Property Tax Department at 250-545-1361.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have you recently moved or purchased a new house or condo?

A new owner is liable for all outstanding taxes & utilities.

You cannot claim the HOG on the property in the year of purchase if current year taxes were previously paid in full by the previous owner, or your lawyer, or if you already claimed a grant on another property.

If taxes are not paid in full, then the grant claimable is the lesser of the balance due, or the maximum grant available.

Is your name on the tax notice?

If your name is not on the tax notice and you are applying for the Grant, you must attach a copy of your Freehold Transfer document to your grant application.

What if you're selling your property?

The property tax account and utility account stay with the property. The Statement of Adjustments you receive from your lawyer or notary should show any allocation between the purchaser and the seller.