Property Taxes

Property Tax Due Date
First working day after July 1st

Property taxes are one of the City's biggest revenue sources, and are critical to the health and livability of our city.

Your tax dollars help pay for many essential services, such as police, fire fighting, and emergency rescue.

We also rely on property tax revenues to build stronger communities. Your payments help fund our recreation and community centres, libraries, parks, and much more.

Have you ever wondered how your property taxes are put to use?  The below videos will help you understand how your tax dollars are determined and used to support the services that the City of Vernon provides.

How your City of Vernon property taxes are determined.


How to pay your Property Taxes

There are many ways you can pay your property tax notice: 

Through your financial institution:

Pay online, by phone or in person at your financial institution. Please contact your local financial institution for information on the availability of these payment options. 

  • When paying your property taxes through your financial institution please follow these instructions: 
  • Login to your online banking
  • Search for payee “Vernon”
  • Select “Vernon, City of (Taxes or Property Taxes) or similar
  • Enter your folio number from the front of your property tax notice 
    • Examples on how to enter your folio as an account number are as follows. If your folio found on your property tax notice is 01234.567, you could try entering the account number:
      • As is (example: 01234.567) 
      • By removing the decimal (example: 01234567)
      • By removing the decimal and adding one zero (example: 001234567)
      • By removing the decimal and adding two zeros (example: 0001234567)
      • By removing the decimal and adding three zeros (example: 00001234567)
    • If the above suggestions do not work, please contact your financial institution. 
  • Allow enough time for your payment to be received by the city of Vernon by the due date. 
  • Allow 3-5 business days for the city of Vernon to process the online payment and then check your MyCity account to confirm that the payment has been received. 

Note: Folio numbers are attached to the property and not to the owner. If you have recently purchased or sold a property you need to update your banking records with your new folio number.


Pre-authorized prepayment plan:

Sign up for the City’s Property Tax Prepayment Plan and the City will automatically withdraw monthly prepayments from your bank account. For more information and copies of the authorization form click here or visit City Hall (3400 30 St Vernon, BC V1T 5E6).

By Mail:

Mail your payment and the bottom portion of the property tax notice to: 
City of Vernon
Property Tax Department
3400 30 ST
Vernon, BC V1T 5E6

In Person:
  • Use the secure drop box located outside City hall front entrance.
  • Pay in person at City Hall (3400 30 St Vernon, BC V1T 5E6). 

COVID 19: City Hall remains open to the public and cashiers are available to assist with collecting payments. However, to reduce in-person transactions and promote physical distancing, the City is encouraging everyone to pay through their financial institution. If customers need to make a payment in-person, we also request that cheque or debit card be used instead of cash and coin, if possible. 


If your taxes are paid through your mortgage, you must still claim your home owner grant; if eligible.


Starting in 2020 BC municipalities are no longer responsible for the property tax deferment program as BC’s property tax deferment program has moved online – Eligible BC residents can now apply online for the program. Property owners will still make outstanding utility payments to the municipality.

Note: If your application is denied, withdrawn or cancelled and the tax due date has passed, you will be required to pay a late penalty charge and interest (if applicable)

Important Information about Property Taxes
Receiving Your Property Tax Notice

The City of Vernon prepares and mails over 20,000 property tax notices annually.  All property tax notices are mailed at the end of May.

You can make a payment to your property tax account at any time. You do not need to have received your property tax notice in order to pay your property taxes.  You are responsible for paying your taxes even if you have not received your notice.  Property owners who have not received their tax notice by the second week of June should check their MyCity account or contact the Property Tax Department at 250-550-3636.

Property Taxes Due Date

Property taxes are due the first working day in July. 

  • Please allow ample time for delivery if you are sending payment by mail or online through a financial institution.
  • Postmarks on mailed remittances will not be considered as date of payment. 
  • The City encourages property owners to provide postdated cheques dated July 2nd ,2021.
  • Payments options are listed in the above section
Property Tax Penalty

A 10% penalty will be applied to all outstanding property tax balances as of July 3rd, 2021.

  • Payments: must be received by the City of Vernon on or before July 2nd, 2021. See payment options above.​​​​​​
  • NEW in 2021- Home owner grants: must be received by the Province of British Columbia on or before July 2nd, 2021. 

Property owners are responsible to make sure that their property taxes are paid in full. To check the status of your property tax account please sign in to your MyCity account  

Property Tax Interest

As per the Community Charter Part 7 Division 12 arrears and delinquent taxes are subject to interest to the date of payment.

Property Tax Billing Period

Property taxes are for the calendar year January 1st to December 31st.

To find copies of your property tax notice or to confirm your property tax balance visit your MyCity account.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Property Tax Questions
I’ve purchased a new home and I am not sure if the property taxes were paid or the homeowner grant was claimed?

A new property owner is liable for all outstanding property taxes & utilities as they are attached to the property. You can check the current balance of your property tax account on the City of Vernon’s online service MyCity. To create a MyCity profile or login to your MyCity account click here. New owners can obtain their folio and access code by creating a MyCity profile and emailing the financial operations department at

I have sold my property; do I need to inform the City of Vernon?

The property tax and utility accounts stay with the property and the City of Vernon sends all invoices to whomever is on title on the date that the invoices/notices are printed. The British Columbia Land Titles office information is imported into our system directly to update ownership of the property.

The City of Vernon does not provide adjustments or prorating of the property tax notice during the sale or purchase of a property. The Statement of Adjustments you receive from your lawyer or notary will show any allocation between the purchaser and the seller if required. Please contact your lawyer or notary if you have any questions about your Statement of Adjustments.

I’m moving and/or sold my property and I’m currently signed up on the Preauthorized Prepayment Program for my property taxes. Is there anything I need to do?

Yes, you will need to cancel the Property Tax Prepayment Plan with the City.  You can do this by either:

  • Completing the “Cancel or Change Pre-Authorized Withdrawal System” form or
  • Having your Lawyer/Notary cancel by completing the Pre-Authorized Withdrawal section on the Tax Certificate on your behalf.

The cancellation form must be received by the Finance Department by the 10th of the month; in order to stop the preauthorized withdrawal from occurring on the 15th of the month.

Can I get my property tax notice emailed to me?

Yes, the City of Vernon has the ability to email your property tax notice. To have your property tax notice emailed to you, create a MyCity profile, register your property tax account and sign up for eBilling. For detailed instructions on creating your MyCity account or signing up for eBilling please click here.

Can I look at my property tax notice online?

Yes, you can view your property tax account online by creating a MyCity account. MyCity is a secure, all-in-one, online service that provides home owners and businesses access to information about their property tax account(s) and utility accounts(s) online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It’s easy to use and all information is protected by private access codes.

Through MyCity, you can see your property tax notice(s) and payment(s) for up to seven (7) years. For more information on MyCity please click here

Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately, in order to keep costs down, credit cards are not accepted.