Supplementary Plans

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Predator Ridge Neighbourhood Plan

The Predator Ridge Neighbourhood Plan provides policy direction to balance future growth of the Predator Ridge community within the context of its unique natural landscape, specifically recognizing the unique relationship between the resort community’s two principal functions: the operation of the Predator Ridge Golf Course, and the build-out of the Predator Ridge community.

North Vernon Neighbourhood Plan

The North Vernon Neighbourhood Plan is intended  as a site-specific refinement of Plan Vernon (Official Community Plan).


Okanagan Hills Neighbourhood Plan

The Okanagan Hills Neighbourhood Plan establishes a land use and servicing framework for the future development of a unique hillside resort community. The Plan sets a high standard for development in the Bella Vista Highlands that conforms to the overall development policies outlined in the City of Vernon’s Official Community Plan.

Foothills Neighbourhood Plan

The Foothills is among Vernon's fastest growing neighbourhoods and is positioned for more growth and development as demand for living in the area increases. With this anticipated growth comes a number of opportunities to make the neighbourhood an even more desirable place to live.