Committee Vacancies

2020 Appointments to Council Committees

Two (2) positions on the Advisory Planning Committee – one (1) position representing the Community at Large with a background in accessibility for people with disabilities/mobility impairments and one (1) non-voting youth position.  The terms of these positions will expire in December 2022.  The Committee’s purpose is to provide City Council with advice and recommendations on proposed land use and planning changes and related matters. The Committee meets at 4 p.m. every two weeks on the Tuesday following Council’s Regular Meeting.

Four (4) positions on the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee representing the following sectors:

  • One (1) ‘Builder’ representative
  • One (1) ‘Seniors (65+)’ representative
  • Two (2) ‘Community at Large’ representatives

The objectives of this Committee are to monitor and provide Council with milestone achievements of the implementation of the City’s Attainable Housing Strategy and to provide Council with advice on affordable housing matters. 

Three (3) positions on the Transportation Advisory Committee representing the following sectors:

  • One (1) ‘Community at Large’ representative
  • One (1) ‘Community at Large’ representative with a background in accessibility for people with disabilities/mobility impairments
  • One (1) ‘Seniors (65+)’ representative

The Transportation Advisory Committee’s purpose is to provide, at Council’s request, recommendations on matters relating to the City’s transportation infrastructure and the safe and efficient movement of goods and people in accordance with City policies and bylaws.  The Committee may also be requested to review and provide comments on matters related to the road, transit, pedestrian and cycle networks, emerging accessibility and road safety issues as well as make recommendations on appropriate funding sources for strategies that result in more efficient use of transportation resources in Vernon. 

Please note individual applicants for the Advisory Planning, Affordable Housing Advisory and the Transportation Advisory Committees MUST reside within Vernon City Limits.

Twelve (12) positions on the Tourism Commission representing the following sectors:

  • Four (4) from the Accommodation Provider Sector
  • Two (2)  from the Arts & Culture Sector
  • One (1)  from the Attractions Sector
  • One (1)  from the Biking Sector
  • One (1)  from the Golf Sector
  • One (1)  from the Restaurant Sector
  • One (1)  from the Ski Sector
  • One (1)  from the Sport & Events Sector

The Tourism Commission’s purpose is to develop Vernon as tourism destination through collaboration between Tourism stakeholders, Council and Administration and assist with increasing Vernon’s market share of travelers to and within British Columbia.  The Commission also aims to increase tourism-driven economic benefits to Vernon and identify and provide recommendations on programs and services that will enhance the tourism sector in Vernon.  The Commission meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 8 a.m.

If you are interested in serving the community on any of these Committees or the Tourism Commission, you can view the applicable Terms of Reference and fill out a volunteer application form  at  Applications will be accepted no later than 4:30 pm, Wednesday, November 6, 2019.