How to Avoid Tax Sale

How to Avoid Tax Sale
Tax Sale Information

The following notes are intended to provide a general outline of the tax sale process. For complete information, you should consult the Local Government Act, in particular (but not limited to) Division 7.

  • The City is required by the Local Government Act to sell at Tax Sale all properties whose taxes have not been paid for 3 years.
  • The Local Government Act gives the Collector authority to sell a property for the Upset Price which equals all outstanding taxes + penalties + interest + 5% administration costs + Land Title Office fees.
Tax Sale
  • A public auction will be held at 10:00 a.m., on the last Monday in September each year. 
  • To avoid your property from being sold at the Tax Sale Auction, all delinquent property taxes, plus delinquent interest must be paid in full no later than 9:59 a.m., on the last Monday in September.
  • If your property is sold at the tax sale, you will have one year to redeem the property. However, redeeming after the tax sale has significant additional costs.
Amount payable depends on when payment to the City is received:
  1. Before Tax Sale - Minimum payment of delinquent taxes (2018 taxes) + interest
  2. After Tax Sale - To redeem your property, payment of the following is required:
- Current (2020 taxes) + penalty

- Arrears (2019 taxes)  + interest

- Delinquent (2018 taxes)  + interest
- Land Title registration fee

- 5% administration fees

- Interest on bid price


Methods of Payment
  • Bank draft
  • Certified cheque
  • Cash
  • Interact

Note: Personal cheques, Certified Cheques and Interact will NOT be accepted after August 31st

  • To avoid your property being listed in the newspaper ad, your delinquent taxes must be paid no later than the last Wednesday in August.
  • The legal description and street address must be published.