Bylaw 6000

On June 24, 2024, Vernon City Council adopted Zoning Bylaw 6000.

Zoning Bylaw 6000 has been designed to incorporate the requirements of the new provincial housing legislation and are intended to increase the speed of housing development within the City.

Zoning Bylaw 6000 replaces Zoning Bylaw 5000.

Key Changes from Zoning Bylaw 5000:

  • Zones have been consolidated to reduce the need to rezoning properties for housing developments. The requirements of the Provincial housing legislation have been implemented.
  • Definitions have been consolidated and reorganized to improve clarity and understanding of the various land uses in the City.
  • Parking requirements have been reviewed and aligned with industry best practices and Provincial legislation.
  • Transit Oriented Development Areas have been created as required by Provincial legislation.
  • All legacy North Okanagan Regional District (NORD) zoning has been removed and the properties have been reassigned a new City zone.

Zoning Bylaw 6000

General Administration

General Regulations

Parking Regulations

Agriculture & Rural Zones

Housing Zones

Resort Zones

Commercial Mixed-Use Zones

Industrial Zones

Community & Servicing Zones


Comprehensive Development