Understanding Your Bill

Using the example utility bill below, we will help you understand what each section of the bill means.  The numbers on the bill correspond to the numbers at the bottom of the page.

Utility Invoice

  1. Your Utility Account number
  2. Your Access Code, used when signing up for our eBilling service or Mycity
  3. Due date for paying your current invoice
  4. Billing period
  5. Your name, address, and account type
  6. Registered Serial number on your meter
  7. Number of days in the current billing period
  8. Your meter reading for the current billing period
  9. Your meter reading from the last billing period
  10. Amount of water used, measured in cubic meters
  11. Total amount due for this current period
  12. A comparison chart of usage over your last three periods, compared to the same periods the year before
  13. Contact information
  14. Detach the bottom portion of your invoice, and return it enclosed with your payment