Weed Control

Purpose of the City’s Weed Control Program

Weeds can be more than just an unsightly nuisance. Weed growth in certain locations can damage roadways, curbs, shoulders and sidewalks. Weeds can also create a safety issue blocking sight lines for motorists and create hazards for pedestrians and cyclists. The City’s goal is to control weeds that contribute to these problems. The program is not intended to control weeds for cosmetic purposes.

Obligations of City residents

City of Vernon Good Neighbour Bylaw # 4980, requires property owners and residents to maintain the boulevard(s) and lane adjacent to their property. The City does not provide this service and does not include any funds in the budget for such work. Most of this work involves landscape cutting, trimming, and watering of grass on the boulevards and lanes. The City encourages property owners and residents to maintain the boulevards for the beautification of our city and the enjoyment of all.

Methods of weed control used by the City