Public Input Sessions

Public input sessions are detailed below for Development Variance Permits, Land Use Contract Variance, and Heritage Alteration Permits. When a public input session is upcoming, a blue drop-down menu will appear in the appropriate section. Please click to open the drop-down menu and view the details for the specific project.

If you feel you will be impacted by any proposed variances or permit applications, you have the opportunity to voice your concerns. If you have questions or need clarification before sending in your comments, please contact the File Manager named to the project.

Upcoming Public Input Sessions

Land Use Contract Variance

Land Use Contract variances and Development Variance Permits are authorized by City Council as per the Local Government Act.

Heritage Alteration Permits

As per Section 617 of the Local Government Act, a Heritage Alteration Permit (HAP) is required in order to construct works to the exterior of heritage sites included in the Heritage Register and governed by a Heritage Designation Bylaw, Heritage Revitalization Agreement Bylaw, or a covenant and require a HAP.