Boulevards & Lane Maintenance

Who is responsible for the maintenance of Boulevards and Lanes?
City of Vernon Bylaw No. 4980 requires property owners and residents to maintain the boulevard(s) and lane adjacent to their property. Boulevard and Lane Maintenance includes such aspects as watering, weeding, mowing grasses and keeping lanes free of litter and waste.

The City does not provide this service and does not include any funds in the budget for such work. By doing our part in keeping the lanes tidy, we will keep our City clean, beautiful and reduce the risk of fire.

The City encourages property owners and residents to maintain the lanes and boulevards for the beautification of our city and the enjoyment of all.

For additional information, please view the Good Neighbour Bylaw # 4980

If you have any concerns, please call the Operations Department at 250 549-6757.