Affordable Access

Persons with Disability

Persons having a permanent disability, which would limit his/her ability to fully use the facility without assistance. The “Medical Referral for Disability Discount” form can be obtained from the office and be completed by your physician. Eligible persons will receive a 25% discount.
*includes: public swim, drop-in public skate and fitness gym.

65 years+ Discount

Adults 65 years+  will receive a 25% discount off the adult prices to purchase a swim, fitness gym or skating pass (not applicable to water fitness or aqua therapy passes).

Affordable Access Pass

Persons who are receiving financial assistance from provincial or federal programs may receive a 75% discount on select activities including the following:

  • Public Swim and Weight room drop ins or passes
  • Drop in and punch passes for skating.
Qualifying provincial or federal programs.

Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance:

  • Regular Income Assistance Benefits (must be renewed annually)
  • Person with Disability (PWD)
  • Person with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB)

Service Canada:

  • Canada Pension Plan – Disability (CPPD)
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement for Seniors (GIS)

Ministry of Children and Family Development:

  • Children under 19 who have an autism diagnosis, developmental disability or at home eligible
What Do I Need to Prove I’m Eligible?
  • Release of Personal Information (Form HR0095) – from the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance
  • CPPD or GIS standard benefit letter – from Service Canada
  • Proof of Identification
How Do I Get the Form?

Ministry of Housing and Social Development: By Phone:  Call the Ministry at  1-866-866-0800 and request the EIA95 form for the recreation discount be mailed to you.