Fire Prevention

At this time 'Open Burning' in the City of Vernon is banned. All issued fire permits for 2020 are on hold. The 'open burning' ban does not include campfires. For more information on campfires review the Fire Services Bylaw here

Burning Permits - Open Burning

As per section 5.6 of Fire Services Bylaw #5635 a burning permit is required for open burning. 

Completed applications must be reviewed by the Fire Chief or designate prior to payment. 

  • Open burning permits will only be issued between November 1 and April 30 and can be cancelled during a fireban.
  • Permits will only be issued for open burning authorized by the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation (OBSCR). 
  • You can view the OBSCR factsheet here. 

Burning Permit Application Form

If you have any questions regarding burning permits please contact 250-542-5361.

Campfires and Outdoor Fireplaces

The Good Neighbour Bylaw #4980  defines "Campfire" as a contained outdoor fire used for cooking or recreation, not exceeding one meter in diameter (3 ft.) and one meter (3 ft.) in height in Interface Zine 1, or not exceeding 0.60 meters (2 ft.) and 0.60 meters (2 ft) in height in Interface Zone 2 or Interface Zone 3. 

No person shall light a campfire or outdoor fireplace, or permit a campfire or outdoor fireplace to burn when;

a) the Air Quality Health Index is greater than 3, or

b) the Ventilation  Index is greater than 55, or

c) condition are hazardous, or

d) a fire ban is in place. 

Good Neighbour Bylaw

Fire Services Bylaw

Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation Factsheet

Public Fire and Life Safety Education
Codes and Standards
Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes provide building owners and residents certainty that their building can be accessed by the fire department. 

  • The property owner is responsible for the ordering and cost of the lock box. 
  • The lock box will be mailed to the owner and the lid will be mailed to the fire department. 
  • The fire department will install the lid once the owner has installed the lock box at the main entrance to the property.

Lock Box Order Form 

For lid installation or more information please contact the Fire Prevention Officer at 

Mobile Vendor/Caterer Inspections

As per section 5.11 of Fire Services Bylaw #5635, mobile caterers conducting business within the City and utilizing commercial cooking equipment, that creates grease laden vapours in a confined compartment, must maintain and operate exhaust and hood systems that comply with Article of the BC Fire Code.

An appointment is required to have your mobile catering equipment inspected, this can be arranged by completing the form below.


Fire Inspections

Custom inspections fall outside the realm of regular legislated inspections. If you require a fire inspection please use our fire inspection request form. Please contact your building inspector for building inspections.