Residential Garbage

The City of Vernon has moved to automated residential garbage collection. What does this mean? New standardized garbage collection carts have been provided to each Vernon household, to be used on a go-forward basis. Carts will be emptied using an automated arm on the collection vehicles.

The collection frequency will not change; however, routes have been reviewed and are being revised as necessary to support the automated collection system. Lane ways, dead end streets and multi-family homes may require altered collection points.  If your collection location changes, you will be notified by the City or its contractor, Waste Connections of Canada.

To learn more about the transition to automated residential garbage collection, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions via the button below. 



Carts are to be placed on the street, with the wheels against the curb, if there is one. However, this practice needs to be adjusted if there is a bike lane or sidewalk adjacent to the property, to avoid creating an obstacle for pedestrians and cyclists.

If there is a bike lane with a curb, but no sidewalk, the cart should be placed at the edge of curb, off the bike lane.

If there is a sidewalk (with or without a bike lane), the cart should be placed on the property immediately adjacent to the sidewalk. Please see below for examples.

Residential Garbage Collection Schedule Map

This is the place to look if you want to know the schedule or calendar showing when garbage is picked up for your street. Clicking on a coloured area in the map below to see a detailed view.

The collection of residential garbage is performed under contract with Waste Connections of Canada Inc.  Residents who have service questions or concerns may call the Waste Connections office:

Waste Connections of Canada Inc.

Phone 250-275-0570
Toll Free: 855-765-0565
Office Open 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

Refuse Collection Information

  1. Collection Time
    Please put out refuse by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day
  2. Quantity Limit
    Each customer is entitled to put out 1 supplied 240L garbage cart of refuse, with a maximum weight of 46 kilogram ( 100 lbs. ).  Please place carts 1m from other objects to allow the automated collection truck to retrieve your cart.
  3. Extra Quantity – Tagged bags
    If you have extra garbage, the driver will pick up additional bags if there is a sticker attached to each additional bag; stickers cost $1.50 each and can be purchased at the City Hall or the Recreation Complex