Evacuation Alert remains in place


Many areas within the City of Vernon boundaries remain under Evacuation Alert.  *Areas excluded from the Evacuation Alert are listed below. 

At this time, no areas within the City of Vernon boundaries have been issued an Evacuation Order.

The change in weather including the rain has helped the situation improve, but residents are asked to exercise caution and be prepared in the event of an Evacuation Order. 

This means making accommodation plans prior to being evacuated and making sure you and your family have a plan and are ready to go immediately in the event of an evacuation order. 

The Vernon ESS Reception Centre is anticipating a high volume of evacuees from neighbouring communities throughout the day, and as such, is asking everyone to register online at ess.gov.bc.ca

Staff and volunteers are working as hard as they can to provide services and support to those who have been displaced. We ask that the public and media respect the privacy of individuals accessing the Vernon ESS Reception Centre and provide space for staff to assist. 

The City of Vernon is also reminding residents that while offers of donations, food and accommodations are incredibly generous, the City can not accept these kind gestures. The City simply does not have the resources to manage multiple accommodation sites or manage donations of cash, food and clothing. 

It is being suggested that residents who wish to make these types of donations, reach out to organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross or Salvation Army. 

Areas excluded from the current Evacuation Alert.

  • Predator Ridge and Sparkling Hill neighbourhoods
  • Okanagan Landing South neighbourhoods (areas of Eastside Road, The Outback, Ellison Provincial Park Inkster, Delcliffe, Whitepoint, Smith Road, Peters Road, Kokanee/Sunset properties, Harbour Heights, Beverly Hills Estates) 
  • Commonage Area, south of Bench Row Road

The City of Vernon would like to thank everyone for their efforts during these difficult and stressful times.