Vernon kicks off electric kick scooter pilot program


The City of Vernon has adopted amendments to Traffic Bylaw #5600, which permit electric kick scooters to be operated in our community as part of the Province of British Columbia’s electric kick scooter pilot program. 

“The way people get around is changing as new technologies emerge. Electric kick scooters have the potential to help some individuals in our community shift towards more sustainable transportation,” said Mayor Victor Cumming. “This bylaw amendment allows individuals to ride their own electric kick scooters. It also opens the door for companies that wish to operate electric kick scooter sharing services in Vernon, which we hope to see this summer.” 

Residents and visitors may ride electric kick scooters within Vernon City limits, provided their device meets new requirements established in the Motor Vehicle Act. Riders will have to be at least 16 years old, wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road for skateboards and other similar devices. People riding electric kick scooters:

  • may use roads and bike lanes while following the same rules of the road as a cyclist. 
  • may use sidewalks and multi-use pathways, but must slow down near and yield to pedestrians. 
  • must be considerate of other road users and travel at an appropriate speed.
  • must dismount when using crosswalks except where bikes are permitted to cross. 
  • must use a white front light and red rear light when it is dark. 

“The regulations we have introduced for electric kick scooters are straightforward and common-sense. Vernon has had rules in place for similar devices since 2018 and have received zero complaints, which tells us that they are working,” said Angela Broadbent, Active Transportation Coordinator. “Having the flexibility to ride where you are most comfortable will help make electric kick scooters a very practical form of transportation, whether you are riding to work, or to run errands, or just for fun.”

Anyone who rides an electric kick scooter is encouraged to brush up on the rules and be extra courteous towards others as our community gets to know this new technology. For more details about the rules and regulations, visit