Small Wheels

Small-Wheeled transportation means getting around by longboard, skateboard, rollerblades, or kick scooters. 

Electric Kick Scooter Pilot Program

The City of Vernon is one of six communities that have been selected by the Provincial government to pilot and assess the use of electric kick scooters for personal transportation in our community.

Residents and visitors may ride electric kick scooters within Vernon city limits provided their device meets new requirements outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act.

What are Electric Kick Scooters?

Electric kick scooters are not to be confused with other devices commonly called scooters, such as limited speed motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized wheelchairs.

  • Electric kick scooters have two to four wheels with a standing platform and a steering handlebar. 
  • Electric kick scooters have one or more electric motors that do not exceed 500 W and are capable of propelling the device at speeds no more than 24 km/hr on a clean, paved, and level surface. 
  • Electric kick scooters must be equipped with brakes, a bell or horn, and a white front light and red rear light. 
  • Electric kick scooters do not have seats, pedals, or structures that enclose them.   

What are the Rules of the Road for Electric Kick Scooters?

Riders must be at least 16 years old and must wear a helmet. A driver’s licence and insurance are not required. People riding electric kick scooters:

  • May use roads and bike lanes while following the same rules of the road as a cyclist. They may only ride on roads with speed limits greater than 50km/hour if there is a bike lane. 
  • May use sidewalks and multi-use pathways, but must slow down near and yield to pedestrians. 
  • Must be considerate of other road users and travel at an appropriate speed.
  • Must use a bell or horn, or say “on your left” when passing pedestrians or other users on pathways. 
  • Must not carry passengers.
  • Must not ride abreast. 
  • Must dismount when using crosswalks except at an elephant’s foot crosswalk.  
  • Must use a white front light and red rear light when it is dark. 
  • Must use turn lights or hand signals to indicate their movements. 

Where should I park my electric kick scooter?

Don’t block roads or sidewalks when you park your electric kick scooter. It’s best to use a bike rack. 

Can I take my electric kick scooter on the bus?

Electric kick scooters fall under BC Transit's luggage policy and are permitted on board as long as they are collapsible and easily stored. See Vernon Regional Transit for more info.