Mayor urging residents to listen and prepare for emergency situation


On behalf of all first responders and those who are tirelessly working to manage the White Rock Lake fire and wildfires across the Province, the City of Vernon would like to urge all residents to listen to the advice of emergency services personnel. 

The time to fire smart your home is now. The time to create an evacuation plan is now. The time to leave is when you receive an Evacuation Order. If you are under an evacuation alert, be ready to leave at a moment's notice.

By staying after an evacuation order has been issued, you create a greater risk for yourself, your property and especially for the health and safety of firefighters and first responders working in the fire zone. 

"We really want to thank everyone who has been paying attention to Evacuation Alerts and Orders. We understand that it is a stressful time and being prepared is a critical step in assisting emergency services personnel," said Mayor Victor Cumming.  

"For those who are not planning ahead, or not heeding the alerts and orders issued, these actions put significant stress on our systems and personnel. These are resources that could be better used elsewhere. Please plan ahead. Please evacuate immediately after receiving notice to do so. Please stay safe." 

Additional information on how to fire smart your home, prepare for an evacuation and what to do if you are instructed to register at the Vernon ESS Reception Centre can be found in the links below. 

Resources to be better prepared for an emergency:

Vernon ESS Reception Centre hours of operation:

Prepare BC Preparedness Guide:

Fire Smart:

Make your emergency plan: