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Registration is on-line for summer camps as we can't hold in person registration at this time.

See notes for "no credit card options" below for other registration options.



To reduce the spread of COVID-19 day camps at Recreation Services will:

  • As much as possible, maintain reasonable physical distancing for activities
  • Have less participants and a higher staff to child ratio 
  • Be held outdoors, with access to an indoor space as required
  • Where feasible, provide dedicated supplies/equipment for each participant to use during camp
  • Have increased cleaning of touch points and shared equipment
  • Designate staff for cleaning and disinfecting equipment and spaces after each activity
  • Hand wash as per BC Centre of Disease Controls Guidelines:
    • At arrival and before heading home
    • Before and after any transition in activities
    • Before and after eating and drinking
    • After using the washroom
    • Whenever hands are visibly dirty
  • Require a daily health check for participants and their household and our staff
  • Require a note from your medical Doctor for any allergies that present in a similar fashion to the symptoms of a cold or flu with coughing/sneezing/running nose/etc
  • Provide a longer sign in and out time to promote physical distancing
  • Follow all guidelines set by the Provincial Health Office


Those who have symptoms of a cold, flu, or with any coughing / sneezing, or family members within their household who are sick or self-isolating, will not be permitted to attend camp (refund/credit provided). 

Those who have travelled or been in contact with someone who has travelled outside the Province/Country will not be permitted to attend camp.


We have designated staff trained in updated COVID-19 protocols. They will follow these procedures and be provided the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as required.


For further and more detailed information please see our COVID-19 Parent Info and Procedures.

What should I bring?

Each camp will have some specific items that will need to be packed but generally most camps require the following:

  • Running shoes (good walking shoes – NO sandals or flip flops )
  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Rain jacket and a change of clothes
  • Lunch and lots of snacks (please no peanuts or other nut products)
  • At least one full water bottle (two is better).
  • Bathing suit and towel, goggles are optional  (camps that go swimming or the water park)
  • Medications as required

Items NOT PERMITED – unless otherwise requested:

  • Any and all electronics (phones, cameras)
  • Any items of monetary or sentimental value
  • Money
  • Junk Food

**These are all items that can be easily lost or become ‘treasure’ to another person. We like to avoid the heart ache that goes along with a missing item. It is best if they are kept at home. Staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Sign In/Out

Your child must be signed in and out of camp each day by a parent or approved adult. This is done for safety, but also for staff to be able to communicate with you. We will provide specific camp sign in/out procedures before the start of your camp.

There are occasions for children over age that we will make exceptions with written approval from a parent. Please speak directly with the Recreation Programmer responsible for the Camp.

Camper Information Form - How to Update

This is an incredibly important tool for our staff. It provides information to our staff so they can safely and effectively run the camps.  Please log into your Recreation Services Account to verify that this information requested has been provided.

See photo screen shot of data required, shown in yellow. Log into your recreation account.  Direct login link:

Select child from the family member list. Click the Edit button.  Then add missing info.

How do I Register if I don't have a credit card for on-line payment?

If you don't have a credit card for the online registration process, please call the recreation centre office to arrange for registration.

Please ensure your online account is set up and your Childs account details are in place. 

Camps FAQ’s

Please read below for some common questions we hear. If there is something we have not covered here we want to hear from you. Email us at and let us know your question(s)!

What is the earliest I can sign my child into camp?

Camp Clubhouse at Lakers Clubhouse – Sign in between 8:30 and 9:00am
Camp KTP at Kin Park (full day) – sign in between 8:30 and 9:00am
Camp KTP at Kin Park (afternoon) – sign in between 12:15-12:40pm

Please do not arrive prior to the times above. Staff have been assigned specific roles each day and will not be available to supervise your child if you arrive before the scheduled time.

I need to pick my child up in the middle of the day. Who should I speak with?

If you cannot avoid picking up your child before the end of the day, please speak directly with the camp staff to arrange a pick up time and location. There will be times when we cannot accommodate an early pick up.

My child's friend is in the same camp. Can their parents pick up my child?

You bet! Just as long as you indicate who they are on our Camp Information Form. We only release children to those on the safe pick up list.

I am unable to pick up my child at the designated time. Can a family member or friend pick up my child?

You bet! Just as long as you include their FIRST and LAST name under the Authorized Pick Up area in your child’s information in our registration system. We only release children to those on the Authorized pick up list. Note: photo ID may be required. 
To see how to add an authorized person please follow the link under Camp Information.

My child woke up sick; what should I do? My child will be missing one day of camp, do you need to know?

Please inform the camp staff as soon as you know  your child will not be attending a day of camp, if for reason other then sickness.

Please keep children at home if they are sick or any family members are sick. Those who have symptoms of a cold, flu, or with any coughing / sneezing, or family members within their household who are sick or self-isolating, will not be permitted to attend camp. 

The Health and Safety of our participants and staff is our number one priority. During this unprecedented time, if you can't attend camp due to sickness of the child or a family member, we will withdraw your child from the camp. If we withdraw your child due to illness, they will not be permitted to return to camps for fourteen days, potentially affecting other camps. We would appreciate being given as much notice as possible if you need to withdraw your child so that we can plan our programs appropriately. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Please contact the Recreation Centre 250-545-6035 (0) (be sure to include your child’s name and the camp they are in). 

Do parents need to wear masks when dropping off/picking up?

At this time, we do not require masks. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, we encourage you to wear one. If you need to speak directly with a staff person we ask that you maintain the recommended physical distancing.